modicum in a sentence

Example sentences for modicum

Finally, one must applaud Silver's bravery in pointing out that even scientists approach their trade with a modicum of faith.
All you need is an open mind and a modicum of commonsense.
Then again, there might be some modicum of truth to it.
From this she must pay her rent, tuition and all the things that provide a modicum of comfort in a third-world country.
Choosing between options requires a modicum of knowledge.
At least there's a modicum of art or invention in it.
He will not get justice without a modicum of tact.
As long as the ship moved, Aguirrez had a modicum of control.
The government says its gesture will go some way toward granting the waste collectors a modicum of dignity.
Forget restraint: he was suddenly smiling as widely as a person with a mouthful of food and a modicum of manners can.

Famous quotes containing the word modicum

I claim ... that there is a feminine as well as a masculine side to truth ...That as the man is more noble in reason, so... more
To be human is to have one's little modicum of romance secreted away in one's composition. One never ceases... more
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