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It suggests the impact may have come from a much more modestly sized foreign body than previous research has proposed.
The housing market appreciates, as it always has, modestly.
It can be quite a hardship for a graduate student on a limited budget to find time for unpaid work or a modestly paid internship.
Those will of course be modestly fun demonstrations of physical prowess.
Few senior executives, when debating options for a technology company in decline, admit defeat and run it modestly.
But its insanely fast and powerful work is modestly described as data-mining, not thinking.
She leaned slightly toward him and looked modestly at the celery before her.
He modestly thought himself unfit for the career of adventurer and judged his father to be less fit than himself.
Malaysians are particularly kind to visitors who dress modestly.
The event, which began modestly, gradually turned into a celebrity bash.
But the elaborately accommodating, modestly palatial arrangement whets a viewer's powers of attention.
Unlike our math and science teachers, who modestly stuck to their subjects, they tended to be polymaths.
One year into his second term, his ratings have sunk for the first time below fifty per cent, despite a modestly booming economy.
He says he prefers to live life modestly and enjoys nothing so much as a hike in the country.
The reflective roofs may cause unwanted glare, for example, and may modestly increase heating costs in winter.
Still, when housing prices collapsed so sharply, even modestly risky and traditionally safe mortgages produced losses.
They had been reviewed equally modestly or not at all, and soon disappeared from the bookshops.
He himself had translated it, as he had modestly noted in his extensive prefatory remarks-hours and hours earlier.
It is true that antidepressants are only modestly effective in acute depression.
Some observers regard any suggestion of even modestly elevated inflation as a form of heresy.
Even as consumer spending increases modestly, those dollars are buying fewer goods and services.
Incomes rose briskly, spending continued to rise modestly, and saving finally began to grow again.
Allowing the conforming limit to drop modestly is an important first step in the process of taking the training wheels off.
Public policy can modestly improve the incentives and choice sets that poor people face--and it should do those things.
Also, on any guided tour that includes holy places, you must dress modestly.
The picture almost comes off as a modestly substantial suspense yarn.
Consumer sentiment, industrial output both increase modestly.
Visitors must dress modestly, with covered shoulders and no shorts or skirts above the knee.
It was also a year in which a number of books that sold modestly in hardcover became blockbusters in trade paperback.
The enfilade of modestly proportioned rooms expresses the purpose of this earthly paradise as well as its design.
The red tape that ties down businesses is being modestly pruned around the world.
After several false dawns, online banking has grown steadily if modestly over the past five years.
As a result, a new generation of more modestly priced digital television equipment is emerging from the laboratory.
It is also managing to reduce, albeit modestly, one of the world's highest rates of inequality.
Even if rental companies can capture more holiday drivers, they will struggle to grow even modestly in the next few years.
The wine list embraces a heartening number of modestly priced bottles.
Here's some modestly encouraging news for job seekers.
District reports indicated that consumer spending rose modestly during the reporting period.
Demand for nonfinancial services was reported to be stable to modestly increasing overall.
If it put a small tax on electric meters, or simply raised the property tax modestly, it could do away with the fire fee entirely.
In other times the wandering children have been differently named and more modestly dressed.
How two modestly successful actors become one supernova duo.

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