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The modest growth is a reflection of last year's sluggish new-enrollment figures.
Such a modest rate of increase of price does not indicate a serious shortage.
From the outside, the terra-cotta-colored tower appears modest in size.
The decor and food are modest, but still a lot better than the town's few other independent eateries.
But despair not, star-gazers of more modest means.
Of course, students are generally of modest means, but not always.
Small and university presses sponsor these contests, in which a poet sends a manuscript along with a modest reading fee.
The area is edged by modest homes and magnificent mansions.
This book sets a modest goal and fulfills it grandly.
Modest gardens can seem bigger if you eliminate clutter, limit materials, and highlight the details.
They don't suit my more modest-stemmed garden flowers at all.
More modest than some of its fellow cast members, but showy in its own quiet way.
Behind this modest exterior there's a great little deli.
As far as the host country's population is concerned, then, the benefits of immigration may be modest and unevenly distributed.
The place is blue-collar and modest but well-kept and welcoming.
He was modest, claiming that he took up philosophy because he was not clever enough for music or mathematics.
It is also overheating, but its somewhat more responsible government has a modest budget surplus.
These are hardly tiny sums, but they are modest compared with prices for other art masterpieces.
Overall, economists have become less worried about the job-destroying effects of a modest hike in the minimum wage.
But although their resources are far more modest they have achieved some notable successes.
It got good reviews but, only a modest success, it was soon forgotten.
With the modest heft of a trade paperback, and the shape of one to boot, it's comfortable to carry.
Blouses and shirts should be modest and not revealing.
The ride-on lawn mowers have undergone modest modifications.
When one remains modest, not after praise but after blame, then is he really so.
Modest fame is not to be despised by the highest characters.
From modest origins that left few traces, construction gradually progressed to a monumental scale.
Even modest shocks, such as a temporary dry spell or a routine infection, can be devastating.
The improvements were modest, but the success galvanized a search for additional therapies.
Seemingly modest fluctuations in rainfall, temperature and other meteorological factors can create havoc in vulnerable societies.
The public has absolutely no idea about the modest costs and high benefits of bringing emissions under control.
In the notoriously controversial business of earthquake forecasting, however, it represents a modest success.
But global warming so far has led to a modest increase.
Even modest steps to reduce the deer population has resulted in a significant increase in reestablishment of native species.
Heat pumps still command only a modest proportion of the home heating and air-conditioning market.
For a modest investment, the two would share major profits.
Folks in the modest suburban enclaves southwest of the city noticed it.
Though he's modest about his accomplishments, it's clear that when he sets a goal, he generally gets there.
Camping sites are available for a modest fee but must be booked well in advance.
It was a simple tune, and repeated itself over and over with only a few modest variations.
Even more modest films had cue sheets that recommended songs or musical themes for scenes.
Even this modest level of energy consumption will require a ten-acre farm to keep you on the highway for a year.
In my case, it provides a modest annual research budget and a modest salary stipend.
Over all, the private grant had a modest effect on student outcomes.
But that relatively modest underpayment pales beside the perennial exploitation of adjunct faculty members.
And if you do wear a skirt, make certain it's long enough to remain modest no matter what the seating should be.
The resulting proposal was a sensible building with an attractive performance space but a relatively modest exterior.
Their growth in consumption was modest and predictable.
My relatives live in a modest house at the bottom of a hill, but as you go up the hills, the houses get fancier and fancier.
Sort of an anti-poltergeist, they said: modest, discreet.
Still struggling to recover from a deep recession, growth has resumed at a modest pace, but the recovery has been slow and uneven.
The markets were owned by the city and the stalls rented out for a modest fee.
It is an excellent example of how intelligent commentary and modest display can make a natural setting speak across the ages.
Such sales would make a modest contribution to the country's debt reduction efforts.
All that is required is a modest and relatively simple change in property law.
Here's a modest sampling of the lavish cerebral feast you'll find between the book's covers.
Along the promenade, next to modest leisure craft floating on motionless waters, the crowd turns more mixed.
They ride the subway back to comfortable, modest, outer-borough apartments.
The white of marble is modest and retiring compared with it.
The modest record of employment initiatives has stirred renewed interest in more-radical solutions.
Today a scattering of small companies is the only commercial source of sportswear for the modest-minded.
The modest worm can provide you with quality organic fertilizer.
After that, additional income appears to produce only modest increments in self-reported happiness.
Wear modest clothing, talk softly, and keep your camera tucked away.
You'll stay at modest guesthouses and share meals with community members and other volunteers.
Roughly, the law says that the ones who are outspent should receive a modest subsidy from state funds.
In the first years of this magazine, technology was only a modest factor in its production.
He is admired for his enormous success-Coach was a modest, five-hundred-million-dollar company when he joined the firm.
Portions are small, to accommodate sharing, and the prices are as modest as the ambitions.
Nothing in her modest mien indicates her steeliness, her depth, or her piquant wit.
If you want to keep a modest tap troupe running for thirty years, it helps to have real estate.
The writer decided that he wanted to combine patient care and teaching with more modest research.
No, it's a fight over something far more familiar, far more modest: the humble ear of corn itself and its mysterious origins.
Consume modest amounts of carbs, emphasizing whole grains.
By contrast, my patient's suffering was modest, and he rapidly recovered.
Take individuals out of that context and their more modest talent endowments become obvious.
To make matters worse, after years in modest abeyance, the disease is on the rise.
It was a remarkable idea because building six modest mirrors was considerably cheaper than building one huge one.
Other groups have tried to achieve the same thing, but with far more modest results.
Transplantation of many forms from one intact society to another results in modest but discernible transmutation.
Bianco came out and flashed a modest smile, then immediately got to work stretching and topping pies.
Let's instigate a new kind of spice trade, this one much more modest, but with the potential to strengthen your community.
They do not know how to place it, what use to make of its modest rightness.
Therefore the best it can manage in the line of pachyderms is the modest tapir.
After completing this straightforward exercise, you may permit your eyes a modest excursion.
If that were to happen, the scholars would have won the day and driven general readers with their more modest needs into exile.
Even more modest changes, though, could result in substantial savings.
He had begun to enter provincial story contests and collect modest prize money.
In any case, their objectives appear to be more modest-and more profound.
The effects of the pills, if any, are modest and may require taking them for decades.
That's why the first step will likely be a modest one.
But it's also one of the few modest hits on a network in a ratings slump.
These were modest stunts, to be sure, except for this fact: the jets have no pilots.
Plug-in hybrids with modest electric range will remain far more affordable than those that go farther on a charge.
Bioengineers have had only modest success in getting microbes to make spider-silk proteins.
The system worked pretty well even at a small scale, and a feed-in tariff set the financing with modest profit.
Herpetologists also discovered that seemingly modest changes in habitats can also have profound effects.
He's a guy's guy, not pretentious, falsely modest or writerly.

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