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If politics were not a factor and modernization implemented, conclusively it would still be airworthy.
Our society today will be the first society to reverse modernization and de-industrialize western democracies.
The country was going through a modernization phase.
In large part, that modernization has led to the consideration of computerized voting.
There is also a huge element of people wanting to push forward with modernization.
Today, the art is fading away because of industrialization and modernization.
Access to air travel and increased motor vehicle availability led to increased travel, increased development, and modernization.
The name comes from a factory nearby that went out of business before the current wave of modernization.
For a time modernization suited hula little better than the missionaries had.
The first part of the modernization program brought cash registers at each clerk's station.
Democracy that sometime slow the process of modernization but make it unstoppable relaying on accountably.
Ancient sewerage systems all over the state are in need of modernization.

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