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Dude, you're a real humanist, progressive thinker and epitome of modernity.
The newly discovered artifacts fuel the debate on when humans crossed the threshold into cultural modernity.
Some scientists have suggested that modernity required a genetically based change in our cognitive powers.
On the bustling stage of modernity they're exposed as ruling myths, persisting as an empty carapace, even a straitjacket.
Yes, they're semi-corny moments completely out of sync with modernity.
In every instance, these societies are not failed attempts of modernity.
But modernity might yet prove the cure, in two dimensions.
The monthly diwan deftly navigates between heritage and modernity.
In a debut novel, a town lost in time is thrust headlong into modernity.
All the countries of the developing world have seen a conflict between tradition and modernity.
The collision of tradition and modernity in the community can be disorienting.
It is not a reaction to the threshold of modernity in all attentions toward humanitarian aids and rebuilding.
One of my favorite moments was his discussion of the magazine cover and modernity.
Increasingly, supermarkets have become proxies for modernity itself, and not in a good way.
It is a suitable seat from which to expound on merging tradition with modernity.
On one side is an intelligent meld of fabrics and styles, as collections blend formal and casual with purposeful modernity.
He refused to exhibit with them in order to pursue his own move towards modernity.
In his softer moments, he seemed to shrink from modernity.
But this interlude of modernity soon came to a close.
It centers on a generational struggle over leadership, and the tension between ancient tradition and modernity.
As it turned out, there was a line from this work to modernity, though not a direct one: nothing is ever so simple.
It is almost invariably white, which emphasizes its lightness and modernity.
These stories are the record of a city in the throes of modernity.
The science-fiction writers of the last century envisioned a world where modernity led to alienation.
All were catapulted into modernity by a gusher of oil, and left scrambling to find a way to manage their sudden riches.
His personality cult can prove to be resilient in the face of modernity.
But it is beginning to see the wisdom of looking to other countries' experiences in making the transition to modernity.
Now moviemakers are scrambling to deliver three-dimensional images to a nation delighting in its own modernity.
McDonald's local management has also made efforts to promote the corporation's image as an exemplar of modernity.
Modernity is a condition that is deeply felt and almost universally experienced.

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The critical method which denies literary modernity would appearā€”and even, in certain respects, would beā... more
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