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My guess is that it goes back to post-modernist philosophy in which there is no objective reality only perception.
Havens had hardly spoken before powerful modernist rebels declared their opposition.
Its modernist architecture attracted her, and she decided to cross-process her pictures.
But his demotion from the modernist canon has been prompted by moral disapproval as well.
The exhibition traces the modernist taste for clean lines and an industrial.
Bosses may stick a few modernist daubs on their boardroom walls.
Inevitably, its fine modernist headquarters have been converted to expensive loft-style housing.
By the time she was five, her father counted on her to offer presentations on modernist art.
It's a coin toss to determine which one was the first modernist pop singer.
To the post-modernist sensibility, literature is not the stimulus for theory but the consequence of it.
The recipe to the ending note of a meal at the modernist restaurant.

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