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But these examples date from well before the modern age of publicity and euphemism.
If only his thoughts about the modern world were equally grounded in fact.
Between medieval and modern, Oxford seeks equilibrium.
But that also seems like a ridiculously obvious use of modern technology.
That is no longer an issue, thanks to modern semiconductor controls.
This was modern art, all right, and it wasn't so bad.
I'm hoping to portray some modern urban life by using its vintage counterpart.
But modern humans might yet undo what our ancestors started.
This level of aesthetic completeness is rarely seen in any modern appliance, let alone a computer.
The foreign sources of modern English versification.
More than an ancient artistic impulse, it may signify a profound change in modern human brains.
Modern birds--the rulers of the sky--appear to have gotten their start in the water, scientists say.
Some have maintained that modern humans probably arose simultaneously in several regions of the globe.
Modern techniques for encrypting information come in one of two types: secret-key encryption and public-key encryption.
For more than a century, paleoanthropologists have been at loggerheads over the origin of modern humans.
The same thickening is found in all fossil and modern cetaceans but not in other mammals, the group notes.
The story of where modern humans came from has never been cut-and-dried, but two theories occupy the forefront of the debate.
Even in our modern age, humans are incredibly vulnerable to changes in weather and climate.
And they comprise a fascinating chapter in the story of the modern horse.
The modern university has become a kind of intellectual shopping mall.
Modern science is an efflorescence of one kind of critical thinking.
Within modern society, there are two things that cannot be acknowledged.
The modern age, unlike all previous ages, made great art accessible to ordinary people.
But so far, nobody has come after the modern languages with an ax.
Not if the tenure system is adapted to suit the modern realities of professors' lives.
He proposes to revive, with a modern twist, an extinct technology called the pneumatic pipe.
That's too bad because that is the opposite of how the modern worker needs to feel about his work.
After all, concentration is the price the modern student pays for success.
There is something about a lighthouse that you don't get in a modern drawing room.
Every successful modern e-gadget is a combination of components made by many makers.
The modern condition is to be overwhelmed by everything.
Despite the dearth of local revenues, government investment is steadily developing a modern infrastructure.
Modern architecture, of course, tends to be expensive.
He has been called the father of modern video games.
The second wave came in the twenties, as electrification transformed manufacturing, and the modern consumer economy took hold.
The movie unfolds in a modern setting, and in modern dress.
What you see at the beginning of this scene is the doctor-as modern medicine-collapsed into himself.
Students will examine their own modern culture and compare it to other cultures around the world.
If your students are older, they can perform the story in smaller groups so that each group has its own modern version.
The face and cranium of the fossil have features found in both early and modern human species.
Modern society has both retained traditional rituals and accepted new ones.
The result is a sleek, modern dessert that shows off all twelve layers.
We have an electric tortilla press, which is a modern marvel.
Brands, in the modern sense of the word, were of importance only in champagne.
Modern processed food, it goes down in two or three chews.
It is difficult to overstate the extent to which modern stock traders have become, in essence, cyborgs.
The sensors inside modern smart phones present a range of security threats.
However, funding for his projects ran out at about the same time that the modern world decided to take a wired approach.
The discovery of habitable planets around other stars is one of the great goals of modern astronomy.
The best modern video and online games do more than entertain.
Parents who want their children to succeed in life begin training them in the necessities of modern society at an early age.
Embryonic stem cells may spark more vitriolic argument than any other topic in modern science.
But technologies created by his team are crucial to modern biomedical research and will be to future medical practice.
Free-electron lasers are the must-have gadgets for all self-respecting modern laboratories.
The new technique could make vaccines cheaper and more accessible in areas lacking modern infrastructure.
One of the cornerstones of modern astrophysics is the cosmological principle.
In an amazingly short time, software has become critical to almost every aspect of modern life.
Modern datacenters gobble up huge amounts of electricity and usage is increasing at a rapid pace.
The design spans-and expands on-a century of modern architecture.
It's something from the past which now comes to life in a modern way.
When they leave the ship to investigate their surroundings, it becomes clear that they have not landed in modern times.
How science makes modern athletes go higher, move faster, and stay safer.
Modern whale babies come out tail first to prevent drowning.
By tracking changes in ancient atoms, archeologists are establishing the astonishing antiquity of modern humanity.
Mysteries solved by combining detailed histories and modern knowledge.
Perhaps nothing known to modern science is as unlikely and outrageous as the daily work of our genes.
The transition to the masterful flight that modern birds display has for decades been mostly a matter of speculation.
The phrase refers to modern species that are uncannily similar to extinct ones.
The trend toward unification and simplification is a major theme of modern physics.
The style is rooted in history, but that book-and the iPod dock and the clock and the watch-are sort of modern.
Theoretical cosmologist isn't one of the more hazardous occupations of the modern world.
Unlike many modern reptiles, it didn't grow continuously throughout its life.
Perhaps no invention of modern times has delivered so much while initially promising so little.
The birth of modern physics, from the x-ray to the mining of uranium for fission experiments and the atomic bomb.

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