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As malleable as clay, it's often modeled into little animals and vegetables.
Examines mechanisms and structures modeled on nature.
Columns on the lower floors are modeled on human bones.
Many were given the features and clothes of actual participants, who modeled for the artists or sent photographs.
He defends his global-warming efforts as gradualist and as modeled on emissions-trading systems that have already been tested.
No two figures are alike, and craftsmen are believed to have modeled them after a real army.
For example, the coupling between atmospheric climate models and ocean heat models may not be adequately modeled.
In a power law-modeled distribution, extreme events are not treated as outliers.
The current relationship between interest to borrow and the proposed measure could be modeled.
However, this physical behavior can also be modeled using space as positional reference and time as a dissipative structure.
One experimental example is a camera, modeled after an eyeball, that features a curved array of light sensors.
The job gains outweigh modeled job losses among gas station attendants, mechanics, and parts industry manufacturers.
One has to believe they modeled this scenario, and it looked worse financially than the model they chose.
Modeled on a powerful real-life laser, it can destroy an enemy in one shot.
Further when quantum mechanically and mathematically modeled it breaks down into pesky infinities.
Then they modeled how sound would interact with the anatomy.
Electron motions inside a solid can be modeled exactly.
When your model of the story is proven incorrect and is subsequently re-modeled, you seem to remember more of it.
He says that the human brain can be modeled as a hologram.
These and other aspects of modeled climate change are in agreement with observations.
May be this will allow cross border flows, exchange rates, basket of goods traded etc etc to be modeled more effectively.
The reason why, it is large and not understood is why it can't be effectively modeled either.
All hyperons and isotopes were modeled as more complex coherences based upon the fundamental dilator one.
The universe, when modeled on a computer, becomes a laboratory where astronomers can test their theories.
Historically people have married their neighbors and so gene flow is often well modeled as isolation by distance.
Instead, objects closer to the gravitating body are modeled as moving.
It could have role-modeled examples of positive science outreach rather than wagging fingers at people.
The main characters' appearances were modeled after then-famous actors.
Sure, even the intervention itself wouldn't be modeled the same way in both worlds, but that isn't the point.
Alternatively, our observations can be modeled by mathematics to varying, so far never perfect accuracy.
The first step is to acquire a point source emissions inventory for the year being modeled.

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Sexism is the foundation on which all tyranny is built. Every social form of hierarchy and abuse is modeled... more
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