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Only 125000 people voted in the mock election, around 28% of the total eligible.
In this way pranks can be a relatively nonthreatening way to mock bosses, leaders and others in charge.
It is easy to mock such sentiments; they are, after all, absurd.
Don't mock my level of maturity.
Trainees had fared abysmally in exercises, catching only 10 to 20 percent of mock mines.
The new technology is easy to mock.
This twaddle is easy to mock.
They even mock us behind our backs.
Mushers ran the dogs in mock, 100-mile races for four to five days in a row.
It's a mock battle over a mock issue.
Five days of parties and processions ensue, and dressing in drag for mock weddings is the norm.
They can still mock it up for a film crew but none of them actually live in villages.
There are times that, if you've done it enough, you'll know it's going to be a mock charge and the elephant will stop.
But don't mock the sport, because down here it's hallowed.
Mock wireless antennae of bamboo and rope had been erected to receive in advance the news of the millennium.
Seek and ye may find, sit around and mock and ye will never find anything.
As it has already be written, it is one thing for a scientific magazine to mock conspiracy theories.
You'd do your friend a big favor if you would arrange a mock interview for him.
If your campus career center offers mock interviews, take advantage of that service.
Once there is contact, pull your head back and roar in mock rage.
In the study, participants were told to vote for particular candidates in mock elections.
The poem in its mock heroics is a sly satire of the grand manner of the romantic epic.
The point is to demonstrate wide participation, mock the authorities, and deprive them of their capacity to generate fear.
These rockets and crew capsules so far exist only as small models, crude foam mock-ups, and computer-graphics files.
Similarly, only mock-ups of facades are pressure-sprayed to test their ability to keep out driving rain.
In the vast majority of things they decided to mock, science played a really big role.
The deliberate practice of these skills in mock situations is valuable.
Going off on some tangent about mock space vehicles and busting someone on grammatical errors, is a big difference.
The ego will mock, use sarcasm and absolutes during interplay.
In mock trials, for example, jurors are frequently unable to disregard evidence they are later told is inadmissible.
They mock the west and the people begin to believe that economic laws somehow don't apply to them.
It would be easy to mock: if this was the revolution, it was not going to be allowed to endanger anyone's grades.
Yet somehow the coach known for mock turtlenecks got players to step on opponents' throats defensively.
Case design mock-ups point to a device that's incredibly thin, with tapered edges and a larger, edge-to-edge display.
One audience member reportedly attached a white handkerchief to the end of his cane and waved it at the stage in mock surrender.
Behind him are three gray-and-blue mock-ups of the charging stations.
The final price and the delay period come with the mock-up.
The next morning, nearby communities staged a mock funeral for their towns.
Courtroom mock-ups play a key role in the planning and design of courthouses.
The mock elections will be conducted as if the school were an actual precinct, with students serving as mock poll workers.

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