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Example sentences for mobilize

Crowd funding is a lot of work and people need to be ready to reach out to and mobilize different networks.
Rotarians are known for their ability to mobilize communities into action.
Several of his callers indicated they are ready to mobilize should this happen.
In the same way, the molecules of emotion can mobilize immune cells to destroy an incipient tumor.
With respect to the third point, our plan is for governments to mobilize infrastructure changes at a rapid pace.
Early detection of the signal produced by the invading bacteria is critical because it allows the plant time to mobilize defenses.
They were actively engaged with the community they wanted to mobilize.
The key follow-up step is to mobilize partisans in your favor.
They are attempting to mobilize white fear into a voting block.
The odor from the fluid in the jar will be enough to clear a room and mobilize a hazmat team.
The environmentalist are beginning to mobilize against it.
The different calls mobilize members of the group to different actions.
Another common response is to mobilize our immune system.
Mobilize if you must, but concentrate on persuading some other, smaller network to rescue the show.
Two members will mobilize volunteers to provide support and guidance to prisoners re-entering the community.

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