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Another part of the mystery may lie in the mobilization, often via social media, of new political actors.
Ford asked for help in organizing an all-out nationwide volunteer mobilization against inflation.
Tells about mobilization plans and how the soldiers all have their weapons in their homes.
When structures for mobilization lack a single leader, it is more difficult to come to consensus about next steps.
The mobilization has begun, albeit in piecemeal, internecine fashion.
They are pushing the state for alternative, pro-peasant policies through mobilization, especially around land reform.
Mobilization of troops took a few days and there have been several problems with the long-term aid program.
Tribal fighting continues up here, often entailing communal mobilization around revenge killing.
But no move toward even partial mobilization accompanied it.
The authorities should turn a blind eye to violence as an inevitable by-product of revolutionary mobilization.
In fact, it would generate a state of great tension and partial mobilization.
The lack of a clear-cut enemy against whom to mobilize underscored the lack of a community capable of mobilization.
Guard vessels would escort the ship failed to dampen the mobilization.
The festive door-knocking will be part of the non-partisan voter mobilization group's largest midterm election efforts yet.

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