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In the past the agency has refused access to the tomb on the grounds that the boat to cross its moat is too old and unsafe.
Next they cut down branches and use them to dam the stream so that water rises around the lodge, creating a protective moat.
Renderings show a moat and huge, silvery wedges of metal jutting outward from the building's base.
Because the place is surrounded by a moat of sorts, celebrities feel protected.
The administration building was surrounded by a moat.
We cross a dry moat and gaze up at the slanting wall of carefully cut sandstone.
And a spike-filled moat might frustrate the cyborgs.
Time was when a moat and a drawbridge were the preferred home security devices.
Today it's in ruins-only the foundations of its former nine stories remain, along with a crumbling moat.
The disease, as in moat other cases, was caused by an infected animal which was brought out of a drove.
The rabbit farm will be surrounded by a moat to keep the rabbits in and predators out.
If a home is a castle, then an alarm system is a moat.
The showroom, open to the public, is literally built over a moat.
What you are served is a fillet of white fish in a moat of white broth in a white bowl.
The citadel was a miracle to behold, with its mile-long walls and its immense moat.
They sit in a moat of vibrant dill-accented red-pepper mousse.
The old city walls had been torn down, the moat filled up and converted into boulevards.
She holds a yellow plastic mini-shovel, her polka-dot bikini discarded by the castle's moat.
Our skin microbes can provide us with a layer of defense, a moat around our corporeal castle.
And the land below you, now a bottomless moat of blackness, has a power that's sweeping.
Alligators, turtles, and small marine life inhabit the moat.
The subject ran out an exit door of the casino and jumped over a railing into approximately fifteen feet of water in the moat.

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