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We all cried, moaned, whimpered and wined but our world did not come crashing down.
It may have turned into a tenure-track job, my adviser moaned.
IV drips hung from makeshift poles and patients moaned as if they were recovering from a delirium.
She moaned and tossed in her darkened room, a sheen of sweat on her upper lip.
As the explosions drew nearer, the patients moaned and cowered in the compound's corners.
The edges of the wings tossed to and fro, and the wind shrieked and moaned as it swept over the prairie.
Instead, the record companies now moaned the firm had hegemony, fixing prices of music and setting terms with impunity.
And even when it was standing, it moaned and creaked.
And managers moaned about the length of the return lines.
He moaned mechanically and at regular intervals, and it did not seem to be he that made the sound.
Every part of the ship creaked, moaned and shrieked in the howling gale.
Shawn went into the living room, got on his knees, put his hands over his head and moaned and cried.
He cried and moaned as if in the grates mental agony, saying his reputation was at stake in the matter, not caring for the money.
Every part of the ship creaked, moaned, and shrieked in the howling gale.
She said he moaned a lot and she could tell he was in a lot of pain.

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"Maman", said Annaïse, her voice strangely weak. "Here is the water." A thin blade of silver came forward in the plain... more

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