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Although that is probably being held down by the federal foreclosure mitigation programs.
This is known as “mitigation”—moving or restoring wetlands to ensure no net loss, as national legislation requires.
Barrister might have some defense in mitigation of his responsibility.
The company attributed its failure to a lack of ability to market the product's purported risk mitigation benefits.
As for construction noise, developers will be required to submit a noise-mitigation plan on any project.
This is one part of the solution, a mitigation effort.
It's a little bit strange-looking, but it is optimized for things like carbon mitigation and photosynthesis.
The third researches the possibilities for mitigation.
It's all about risk mitigation.
This will also include risk mitigation and contingency plans for all activities.
It could involve getting propane cannons, bird radar or all kinds of habitat mitigation.
There's also increasing anger over a lack of communication, consultation, and mitigation.
There is also a widespread agreement that mitigation activities are not effective.
Also, the effects, mitigation methods it is all totally speculative and based entirely on statistical math and computer models.
We must push the limits of our technologies to deliver new earthquake mitigation strategies.
Most sensible strategy appears to be mitigation of eventual effects, not prevention.
Furthermore, policymakers' neat division of the topic of climate change into mitigation, impact and adaptation is too simplistic.
But even that would be cheaper than many other sorts of mitigation.
The fund's standard crisis-mitigation loan packages have become more responsive to conditions in client countries.
Another possible line is to concentrate on adaption to climate change rather than mitigation of it.
But no doubt some form of mitigation will be attempted.
Second, understand that though its not a defense, it is considered in mitigation.
But in fact that does not dent this newspaper's case for ambitious climate change mitigation.
It offers such features as hands-free telephone dialing and a collision-mitigation braking system.
These losses can be reduced through mitigation activities.
Mitigation refers to activities which eliminate or reduce the effects of a disaster.
Mitigation means minimizing damage caused by land development and offsetting losses when damage is unavoidable.
Number and kind of mitigation credits to be made available at the bank.

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