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Example sentences for missive

As intriguing as what the cardinal's missive said was what it did not say.
After all, it is helpful to know to whom a missive is directed-and without a name, it could be for anyone.
Another missive lays out the alphabet soup of overlapping authorities.
Unfortunately for him, he doesn't learn the truth until after he sends the damning missive to where she lives.
Some users were so flabbergasted by the auction company's missive that they suspected it was actually a hoax hatched by crackers.
The postman stops his bike to slide the missive through the letterbox and the dog lets out two yaps.
The missive fails to offer pricing info for either the album as a whole or its individual songs.
Hunched over a spiral notebook, she wrote page after page, a missive to the beyond.
He had been pre- ceded by an airmail missive from his uncle.
Please pardon the last ranting sentence of my above missive.
The missive renewed speculation about the health of the company's leader.
And soon, the cloyingly interrogative missive will fade from public memory.
He shows me a letter that he's going to print in this year's shareholder missive.
Second, the user can send a missive to any reporter via electronic mail, forcing journalists to listen to their public.
And a card, of course, perhaps a handmade missive that touches the heart.
Whenever a library asked about how to figure out its space need, this lengthy missive was cranked out and mailed.
Each missive was tied with a lover's knot of different colored ribbons and contained a pointed offering.
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