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It provides a sophisticated insight, one of many in the show, into the missionary experience.
The missionary was delighted by everyone's response to the gift.
Preparation day is when a missionary buys his groceries, washes his laundry, or even visits the beach.
Some were driven by martial spirit, missionary zeal or imperial fervour.
Whether their motives are missionary or mercenary, all are ultimately sucked into the vortex of an epic-and tragic-struggle.
Gilder embraces new technologies with the fervor of a missionary.
Some companies' statements have an almost missionary zeal.
But also many churches work abroad through missionary projects.
The neocons may have the missionary zeal, but even this is likely to pall in the face of setbacks.
Rural doctors also have to be a cross between a missionary and a cowboy.
When they started, contemporary jewellery was an unknown field and they had a missionary zeal to educate their clients.
My neighbors have done some medical missionary work there with their church in the past.
He has a missionary's drive to teach others what he knows, and he speaks with a preacher's fervor.
The multimillion-dollar computerized operation is, in effect, an arm of the church's missionary program.
Missionary trips provide invaluable services to some of the poorest people in the world.
Although the missionary continues to work in the area, he fears for his safety.
Missionary groups face no restrictions on their activities.
There are no significant foreign missionary groups in the country.
Missionary groups faced no restrictions on their activities.
Sometimes, they would see cigar boats racing down the river or hear stories about military planes buzzing a missionary plane.
But there's a missionary impulse in those of us who write about entertainment.

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