missing link in a sentence

Example sentences for missing link

He predicted not a single missing link, but countless millions of them, everywhere.
It may well be the missing link to human excellence that the brain was especially made for.
And the missing link wasn't some advanced compound, but packaging.
What's more, your dead end may be another scientist's missing link, the elusive chunk of data they needed.
The missing link in some of the games right now is the whole area of character development and narrative plot.
Gears is the missing link, for when you cannot connect to the cloud, and need to make changes to the data.
The search for the missing link, the oldest form that is clearly in the direct line of human ancestry, is a delusion.
The finding was initially trumpeted as the missing link that proved birds evolved from dinosaurs.
Skepticism about a fossil cast as a missing link in human ancestry.
Researchers are now zeroing in on a promising missing link: mitochondria, the cell components responsible for energy regulation.
If there's a gap in the chain, then you have a missing link.
Scientists have discovered the missing link between whales and their four-footed ancestors.
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