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What's more, the aged redwood brought with it the character the yard had been missing.
And since fat carries flavor in meat, much of the flavor has been missing.
Still, he felt that the garden was missing something.
Gaze down and you'll notice that there's something missing.
Here, in spite of eighteen missing stanzas, the story is admirably told.
Yet, the latter had virtues which were missing in his contemporary.
When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it.
Some of the bricks were missing and the sidewalk was rough and irregular.
There is perhaps something missing, a complement by the addition of which the theory would be made completely satisfactory.
The missing ones are generally recovered in the annual round-ups, when the calves are branded.
There is something missing-a link in the chain that is not there.
But the contribution from the foreconscious, which is missing here, may be found in another place.
Missing one of them or performing it ineptly can be costly.
The missing heritability problem will surely be solved sooner or later.
But, this time, almost all that went missing will be returned.
Now that doesn't sound so bad, except here's the catch: she wasn't actually in danger of missing the midterm.
Don't even tell me you aren't sick of all the missing links constantly being discovered.
Skepticism about a fossil cast as a missing link in human ancestry.
Ninety-five percent of the universe has gone missing.
Alcoholics have trouble understanding jokes, but they may be missing out on much more than a chance to laugh.
It seems that a preliminary step is missing in the account.
If you look around some ponds and creeks, you might find that something is missing-frogs.
Officers match the descriptions of animals found dumped in the desert to those reported missing.
But the skeletons were a bit of a jumble, so it wasn't clear whether the bones had been taken or had simply gone missing.
The missing include the grizzly bear, lynx, and mountain sheep.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
If the missing part had been in place, the difference between the two individuals would have disappeared.
It may well be the missing link to human excellence that the brain was especially made for.
The thieves and the other two paintings remain missing.
There was little chance of missing the elephant in the room.
They'll go off and get missing persons lists, and they might bring back some possible names and profiles.
It's a picture-perfect setting, but something was still missing.
But the other side of the equation is what's been missing: how these chemicals interact with our bodies.
Fourteen more people still remain missing, as search and rescue teams continue their efforts to find survivors.
Indeed, many details missing from both the article and the company's website.
Patients who have lost one or more fingers can now replace their missing digits with powered artificial fingers.
The journal where this study was published is missing from the article, but hinted at in the image caption.
For instance, full pages can be missing or dog-eared corners could reveal an incorrect page number.
But figure there must be some info missing on cost and industrialization in this article.
Taking that into consideration, it is prudent to reexamine the experiment and look for missing factors.
What you are missing is the ability to change mixtures on the fly to satisfy different combustion conditions.
It is also obvious that no one will be able to measure the missing connections strengths between those neurons.
Tech startup founders who have it all-a great idea, a pile of cash, and enthusiasm to burn-are still missing one thing.
But there have yet to be celebrities speaking up for the missing middle.
One evening when she got home and found more things missing she decided to have a talk with the lady.
It's missing that edge that the rest of us get from the knowledge that this is our home for good.
The photos they put in the article are correct and clearly show that it's an atmospheric belt that's missing, not some ring.
Amputees can feel missing hands grab a cup of coffee, missing feet itch, and missing legs ache.
Brown dwarfs are the missing link between normal stars and planets.
For the tiny flatworm, regeneration of missing body parts is a piece of cake.
Our beloved scientists may be building impressive technologies, but some key pieces are missing.
The findings help explain why human beings can't regenerate a heart or missing limbs.
Overall, the missing heat doesn't change expectations for future climate change, because the heat won't stay missing forever.
And by the time they reached the drive-ins and dollar cinemas, the films were often badly scratched, with entire scenes missing.
All that's missing is an inflatable bowl and a huge felt boulder.
So hardly anyone knew that he'd donated the use of his systems-along with millions of dollars-to help find missing children.
Art historians are stymied not only by missing sculptures and paintings.
Missing from this list is victory-the one thing that could make withdrawal automatic and easy.
Don't be beguiled by our naive brilliance, the pages seemed to be saying: you may be missing something.
We begin with phantom limbs-the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body.
In this situation ordinary criticism is enfeebled by an uncomfortable suspicion that it is missing the point.
The clashes escalated, leaving dozens injured and several people missing.
She could see no accessory she knew of that was missing, and there were many things to which she never had been accustomed.
Some are still attached to the bedrock out of which they were carved, roughed out but with details of the ears or hands missing.
Because no corresponding report of a missing plane could be found, the search was called off at that point.

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