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For anti-missile defense the laser is too prone to particulate diffusion to make it practical as the primary weapon.
We have gone on piling weapon upon weapon, missile upon missile, new levels of destructiveness upon old ones.
Full-bore federal-subsidised research on missile defense.
If testing a nuke doesn't get their attention, try firing an intercontinental ballistic missile.
We live in an area that profits from cruise missile sales from property taxes and income taxes.
It had also worked on fitting a bomb on a missile warhead.
Once a nuclear-tipped missile is launched, no one has the means to recall it.
Here, more than a century ago, was a prototype for the guided missile.
His bargaining position is strong: missile defence is unpopular with voters.
But they're not good for killing insurgents, because they're too small to carry a missile.
There have been disagreements over trade, global warming and missile defence.
Think of them as self-destruct buttons that you have to push with a missile.
The first of two tunnels out of the missile bay leads to a platform.
There are a lot of opportunities in green technology for laid-off missile designers.
Their story takes in nuclear winter, missile defence, acid rain and the ozone layer.
It might be the world's tiniest missile defense system.
It took a failed nuclear inspection, two missile trucks crashing, and junior officers literally dozing off with launch codes.
The sensitive clergyman shrank, with nervous dread, from the light missile.
Suddenly some one tosses up a faded rosebud-a missile that should never have reached you-and down you drop to the ground.
Ichabod endeavored to dodge the horrible missile, but too late.
But, with the unerring accuracy of a heat-seeking missile, she managed to find the key disgruntled opponents.
Both superpowers pursued their space program in tandem with missile research and development.
The missile-defence scheme remains in its infancy, and is likely to cost more than current plans envisage.
Foreign policy and national defense reduced to a few ballistic-missile submarines.
We spent a half-century army-to-army and missile-to-missile.
If this is not accepted, the marker may become a missile, to be hurled off the board or even at the winning opponent.
There are problems there, but they are tiny compared with the big missile stockpiles.
Any such particle--a negatively charged electron, a positively charged proton--can be turned into a missile if given enough speed.
The launch site also test the ballistic missile and anti-satellite missile.
If the missile doesn't work in the first place, it makes little sense to shoot it down.
At first glance one would think it could be a plane going down, a military flare or missile exercise.
The military try to trick it, so it detonates a nuclear missile to show that it is no fool, and that it is deadly serious.
Other potential military applications include electronic warfare, early warning for sea-skimming missiles, and missile decoys.
They could not find enough of the missile depots to make the strategy effective.
His hands make the motion of a stealth missile seeking its target.
Behind him an anti-tank missile launcher is strapped to the roof.

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