misshapen in a sentence

Example sentences for misshapen

Generations of inbreeding had left their bodies frail and misshapen.
Still, the wind snapped one of my tent's poles and it's oddly misshapen at first light.
The cell nuclei, if they are pre-cancerous, are misshapen and larger than healthy cell nuclei.
They are as plain and as misshapen as, well, people.
She became misshapen as her belly swelled: steroid side effects, her doctor thought.
The tree's misshapen trunk and blown-out top testify to a rough life.
Fruit from diseased trees are small, often misshapen, and typically some green color remains on ripened fruit.
All four points on the diamond have to fit together or the organization will be flawed and misshapen.

Famous quotes containing the word misshapen

Issues from the hand of time the simple soul Irresolute and selfish, misshapen, lame, Unable to fare forwar... more
The book of Nature is the book of Fate. She turns the gigantic pages,—leaf after leaf,—never returning one. One leaf... more
Like dogs in Mexico, furless, sore, misshapen, arrives from laborious nowhere Agony.... more
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