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Around here, he will be much remembered and much missed.
He crashed on the fourth try, after three missed approaches.
In the third, the shot missed, but he died shortly afterwards from an unrelated cause.
Investigators may or may not find evidence of missed warning signs.
The grid lost about half the generated energy, and missed out swathes of the country.
There are key aspects to this story which the author has missed.
Subsequent portents were missed, procedures altered and tests muffed which should have saved the rig.
The rest of the world may well have missed the unfolding of his tragedy.
Presumably the student who encounters such a curriculum may be none the wiser about what he missed.
If you have missed this series, here is what we've published to date.
Below are some surprising facts you may have missed in this spring's headlines.
Well, the excellent researchers seem to have missed the fact that it is the humans who were domesticated by the felines.
His symptoms appeared suddenly, and were so severe that he visited his doctor monthly and missed many school days.
If one never hears music, one does not know it is missed.
Some severe injuries, such as a crushed aorta, will likely be missed by x-rays and physical examinations.
The makers of this sloshy-tub have completely missed the point of the automatic washing machine.
There were also missed connections-lots of missed connections.
The chair then inquires if all have voted who wish to, so as to be sure that the tellers have not missed any members.
The merchants in the little towns about the county missed him if he didn't drop in once a week or so.
Of course, inmates may try to sneak in weapons and other contraband, missed in the initial search.
It's clear that he also missed the limelight his heroic feats had earlier won him.
The glove compartment was open, but somehow they missed my wallet.
The brown creeper is quite vocal, but its high-pitched vocalizations are easily missed.
Then the cheetahs ran after the antelope but missed them.
He had already missed the start of the new semester.
Those who tuned in late missed the disclaimer that the program was pure fantasy.
Both were charged with retail theft and receiving stolen property and, of course, they missed their own party.
His long drives set up easy approach shots, which set up birdie putts, which he made more often than he missed.
Or somehow you missed this episode-and its by now countless reruns.
He does not want to look back later on missed chances to make his view of the world count.
Customs inspectors may have simply missed a smuggled bomb or batch of missiles.
Editors at some journals do extensive editing to ensure their papers are comprehensible and nothing important has been missed.
It's great that someone is looking over these missed treasures for their historical meaning.
If it becomes tender and recognizable, you have missed the point.
Some of our testers missed the lighter, more silky texture of potatoes that are boiled before being mashed.
The championship game brings together the two best teams in the nation, but fans missed out by not having a playoffs.
The mainstream political parties missed the plot entirely.
At the same time, the sample can't be spread so thin that scarce molecules will be missed.
The dispute missed almost everything that was really interesting about the uses of social technology during the uprisings.
Let not get into land rate appreciations and other missed opportunities due to higher foot prints.
There's no price for years lost with loved ones and life experiences missed.
Back pain is the leading reason for disability and missed work.
In some situations, such as financial trading, those lost milliseconds can mean missed opportunities.
Unexpected success brings unique problems, as well as easily missed opportunities.
Um, in case you missed, they already blew their opportunity.
He's missed only one day of taping in twenty-six years, and that was because he'd been in a major car accident.
He learned to focus on diagnosis-insuring nothing was missed, especially an illness with an actual, effective treatment.
If you missed any of our news and politics entries, here's your chance to get caught up.
If you'd gotten up to refill the salsa, you missed it.
The fact that she never missed anything was to her no proof to the contrary.
Yet many scientists may have missed a crucial clue by focusing on the wrong root cause of the disease.
It failed to do this, and missed its costs projections by more than an order of magnitude.
If they are sticking out, that can easily add an unwanted nudge to the ball, which results in a missed shot.
None of this detracts from the bubble's charm-so natural that its essential message is easily missed.
Missed hormonal contraceptives: new recommendations.
After these times, your account will be extended for the missed day.
Missed by the glaciers, this rugged corner of the state is a favorite of geographers, geologists and flatlanders.
The commission missed its deadline by only two weeks.
He has missed a fundamental point in the central situation.
Exclusive attention, no doubt: the attention each had missed in childhood.
Apparently they managed to invent the ball but somehow missed the wheel.
She's never not returned an e-mail, phone calls, or missed a meeting.
Even today it is often missed, and learning difficulties are attributed to laziness or poor teaching.
Several have furrows in their uniforms from rounds that barely missed.
If you haven't been listening to pop radio in the past few months, you've missed the rise of two seemingly opposing trends.

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