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Example sentences for miss

We will miss you every single day.
These are destinations we believe no curious traveler should miss.
This tiny burg, with a population just north of 1200, is easy to miss.
But studying this near miss has concentrated the minds of researchers wonderfully.
Hit detection is a hit or miss with this game noticed it since early beta.
Hard to accept that doctors miss things.
They say they don't miss the Midwest a bit.
Required fieldtrip in another class means student will miss my exam.
To me both the stated rationales miss the key issues.
But there must be some legitimate ways to save a few minutes when you're worried that you might miss your flight.
Do that once when ornaments are in place and you'll never miss a watering again.
Don't let the horses' hooves lull you to sleep or you'll miss the snowcapped peaks and evergreen forests.
The restaurant is a can't-miss and the small spa beautifully redone.
Don't miss the courtyard out back with soothing fountains.
Don't miss this premier meeting of leaders in higher education.
Above all do it as basic as possible or you will miss the local flavor that is what makes travel so much fun.
Woodridge is the type of town you would miss if you blinked.
Honeymoon clich├ęs notwithstanding, this is a don't-miss spot.
Don't miss our latest discoveries, photos, and insider information.
Here are our picks for the top ten don't-miss spots.
Resist the temptation to shoot too much or too soon, or you may miss the decisive moment.
Remember to showcase special items in their own space, so visitors don't miss them.
One traffic jam or detour and you can miss the whole show.
If you weren't paying close attention, you'd miss it.
The waterway is certainly easy to miss, even for locals.
The author seems to miss that there is more to the debate than simply the chemical composition.
Forcing a cell into becoming a neuron could cause scientists to miss aspects of a disease.
The logic behind it is that the new bride won't miss her old village as much and will be less likely to get homesick.
Say you're stuck at the airport and you're going to miss a business meeting.
Therefore, doctors are blindly picking samples to test, running the risk that they will miss an actual tumor.
In fact, when comparing two energy sources, one should make the effort not to miss important phases of the process.
Visa delays that often caused students to miss entire academic years drew media attention around the world.
We will miss him, and greatly look forward to his writing feature articles for us, which is something at which he is also stellar.
Current computer models that predict behavior are complex and sometimes miss patterns that are simple for humans to see.
The web and search algorithms and crowdsourcing and all that make it possible, but to focus on them would miss the point.
The message was tough to miss: practice cosmetic-gyn, and you too can live the life of a plastic surgeon.
It's a huge miss for firms that choose to ignore this segment.
Slurs aside, what critics miss is that this campaign is not aimed at soft targets.
Right now, these workers miss out on benefits that are tied to length of service as they move from job to job.
The government spokesmen clearly, perhaps deliberately, miss the point.
Yet, she argues, that would be to miss the puzzling contradictions that must complicate any such simple picture.
Miss west is secretive, especially about her past and family.
But they miss plenty, leaving ridiculously easy access to berries you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.
The overriding finding from studying these patients is that the left brain doesn't seem to miss the right.
If there's an urgent staff meeting called, you don't want to miss the e-mail.
Red-green color-blind people may miss out on the subtle tones of a forest or a bouquet of roses, but they do get compensation.
Of course they found it the next day, because you couldn't miss the car.
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