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Example sentences for misrepresentation

Personally, this was something of a misrepresentation.
From first to last there has been much misrepresentation in the daily papers.
But there is a huge difference between honest advocacy and misrepresentation.
If you can show an inaccuracy or a misrepresentation in this post, willynilly, please do so.
But here the interpretation is loose to the point of misrepresentation.
Equally serious is the flat misrepresentation of several points.
It is hardly unusual for subjects of a political tell-all to claim misrepresentation.
Talk about misrepresentation and politicization of a term.
That's an intentional misrepresentation of the situation.
Your flaw is in your misrepresentation of what is available.
In fact it is a half truth and as such a misrepresentation of facts.
Your misrepresentation perpetuates many unfounded criticisms of science ie it is entirely dependent on unverified models.
It essentially means the misrepresentation of an opponent's position in order to make it easier to refute.
Only misperceptions can be drawn from this gross misrepresentation.
Why don't you try for truth and reality over sound bites and misrepresentation.
All you can do is possibly sue them for misrepresentation and fraudulently using your research for their nefarious ends.
There is significant misrepresentation in the above comment.
On your site, misrepresentation of your real self is a violation of company policy.
Because you would expect the results to be an error, or a misrepresentation, or contamination of the sample.
Strictly construed, that's perfectly correct, but it's a dramatic misrepresentation of how science works.
It is clearly a misrepresentation of the contents of the paper.
The following is a good example of an pro-disease misrepresentation of facts to instil fear.
The problem is that the supposed weaknesses are all lies or intentional misrepresentation.
Misrepresentation and erroneous statements are bad in all forms of journalism.
The statement as worded suggests that science had no explanation whatsoever, which is a misrepresentation.
And then there are the logical fallacies and outright lying and misrepresentation of accepted science.
Misrepresentation and false advertising of policies prohibited.

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