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Example sentences for misread

The wrong turn, the misread map, the must-see natural wonder inexplicably closed for the season.
Some responders seem to have misread this sentence:.
She totally misread the newspapers and misheard the news reports.
It is rather obvious that you have misread the research, or you would grasp the intent in the proposition.
So they often misread the form on purpose, as they think they can intimidate us that way.
Non-Nebraskans sometimes misread this, dangerously, as naivete.
It's easy for those used to the bombastic approach of foreign television to misread this as obfuscation or cover-up.
Non-Nebraskans sometimes misread this, dangerously, as naÏveté.
But both the author and the readers had misread the relationship.
Strong poets, challenging their precursors, misread them willfully so as to clear a space for themselves.
From now on, she will be on the watch as well for those who cloak the past in mystique, or who tragicomically misread it.
New arrivals are likely to misread the cues given out by aggressive natives, and so under- or overestimate the threat they face.
Instead, he trusted the omens and divination, or rather he misread the signs from the world of the gods.
But its leaders appear to have misread the country's political winds.
The fact that the data is so misread is actually quite sad.
The common explanation is that the administration misread the economy.
Either you deliberately twisted my words, or you unknowingly misread them.
He either misread his textbook, or it was woefully wrong.
For every misread word, the grad swigs booze and gets pelted with eggs and flour.
The site also has helpful tips for well-meaning humans who may misread a natural situation.
However, there will be times when a meter is misread.
Remember that if your meter was misread this month, an accurate meter read next month will correct the error.
The employee's final absence was because he misread the employer's response to his request for time off.
If the reading on the meter is lower than the reading listed on your bill, the meter may have been misread.
Further discussion with the parents revealed that they misread the instructions about administering liquid acetaminophen.
If there is a problem with the ballot or a misread, the ballot will be returned to you automatically.
The applicant should be allowed no more than two misread letters on any line.
Scanners sometimes misread paper resumes, which could mean some of your keywords don't get into the database.
There is no charge for re-checking a meter if the meter was misread.
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