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These fused kidneys are generally situated in the middle line of the abdomen, but may be misplaced as well.
The sure sign of the general decline of an art is the frequent occurrence, not of deformity, but of misplaced beauty.
Forgotten was the lesson that human error and misplaced faith in operational procedure could produce large-scale oil catastrophe.
If you've misplaced the digital code on any of your combo packs, here's the contact info for some of the major studios.
All of this talk of mathematical talent is misplaced even though there are clear, inherited differences in all human abilities.
Targeting residents with extensive water conservation campaigns is a woefully misplaced effort.
We become attached and have real or misplaced empathy.
The labor spokesperson's fears of political capture are probably not misplaced.
After the remodel, the couple discovered they'd misplaced their egg cup in the chaos of packing and unpacking the kitchen.
Unfortunately, his enthusiasm seemed a bit misplaced.
Lately, however, his bravado has sounded increasingly misplaced.
The problem, of course, is that the cost of misplaced optimism is much higher for subprime borrowers.
But his response to my essay here proves that my resolve was misplaced.
So, when there are problems such as these, calls to halt entire categories of government activity are misplaced.
Kazin's observation is true, but his irony is misplaced.
You're getting their thoughts in real time, even with an occasional misplaced modifier.
The government exists to constrain liberty and your faith in its ability to do good is misplaced.
Their initial joy increasingly looks misplaced, and they know it.
Second, hopes for an immediate jolt of activity were misplaced.
But it also represents a misplaced effort at public relations.
Such extremes of optimism and pessimism are both misplaced.
So their models won't spot the consequences of misplaced belief until it is too late.
In more than one sense, the protest can seem misplaced.
Worse mistakes were made, largely out of a misplaced faith in the gold standard and balanced budgets.
It may be misplaced, but it is not without foundation.
Concerns that this would undermine the euro's credibility may be misplaced.
But in parts of the rich world such optimism may now be misplaced.
Much of the criticism of its early years now seems misplaced.
His outrage at the abuses of capitalism in his time was not misplaced.
In that model, the regulatory process is likely to provide lots of space for arbitrary mischief and any trust would be misplaced.
Within a few years, that faith looked badly misplaced.
What happened next shows that such fears were misplaced.
The first time, the forewoman misplaced her verdict sheet.
Hoopla for new research on the genetics of schizophrenia is misplaced.
However, efforts to get roaches out of the home are not misplaced.
It could be a stray ball, a misplaced pint-size flip-flop.

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