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The country's current floods are far worse because of decades of river and floodplain mismanagement, experts say.
The proof of it was the mismanagement of the rebel interests.
Political disorder and mismanagement have blocked new industry and investment.
Corruption and mismanagement soon prompted a state takeover of the entire city.
Our forests suffered in the past from mismanagement, but they are now better managed than ever.
He may even feel betrayed by his children, who told him harsh truths about his mismanagement of the business.
Rookie controllers, antiquated equipment, and federal mismanagement combine to produce inefficiency and danger.
Public anger about toxic food, corporate mismanagement and official corruption has emboldened reporters.
Then mismanagement and poor infrastructure put paid to early hopes.
The power cuts are largely the result of bad policy and mismanagement.
He said that he did not know the sponsorship program even existed until reading press reports of its mismanagement.
The generals' economic mismanagement has helped reduce a country blessed with rich resources to crippling poverty.
Yet local shortages, caused by individual acts of mismanagement or regional problems, are one thing.
Many thought its chronic budgetary mismanagement might harm the currency.
But these were regarded as individual instances of mismanagement or fraud, rather than as evidence of a systemic problem.
Such a move will probably mollify shareholders who have complained about mismanagement at the company.
Now the crisis starts and the blaming of mismanagement as well.
As long as they had access to easy loans, they could buy enough social peace to deflect attention from scandals and mismanagement.
Others accuse the president of threatening them with disclosure of financial mismanagement if they vote against his plan.
And after those expenses are subtracted, the remaining money is further reduced by mismanagement and corruption.

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