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It is much more difficult to change the public's mind when they have been misled for so many years.
The sports audience is complicit in its own deception, downright eager to be thus misled.
Children were stolen or were misled with promises to visit the house kept by the gang on the outskirts of the town.
In this case, it also harmed an individual who was unjustly misled as to her future, and seriously inconvenienced.
They will not be misled for long when the printing presses fire up for real.
Fourth, it's time to step up the response to the climate skeptics, who have misled the public.
And yet, this useful cellular mechanism is cruelly misled by games of chance.
Apparently you are among those people who want to be misled.
Ticket-buyers sulked and claimed that they were misled.
Sometimes we're misled in our word use by confusion with similar words or by inattention to nuance.
The public is easily misled and to be overly confident of what it is told.
In fact, a new study reports, doctors could be misled into concluding that a patient's risk is lower than it really is.
How absolutely shameful that children can be so misled.
After grumbling for a day or two about being misled, they'll go right back to the swindle.
Let us not be misled by vainglory into underestimating the strain it will put on our powers.
Don't be misled when you see beet pasta or squid-ink pasta on a menu.
The trick in foraging for a tooth lost in coffee grounds is not to be misled by the clumps.
You've been terribly misled if you think there are many.
When emphasis is put on the source of information, even four-year-olds are less likely to be manipulated or misled.
Yet in broad terms, all have been misled by a similar fallacy.
There, he accused the officers of treason and plotting a coup, and said they had been misled by opposition political parties.
If you're worried about it, you must be afraid, and you must have been terribly misled by unscrupulous journalists.

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