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Not to mention that the legal standards for proving that marketing is misleading or deceptive may be quite different from my own.
It would be quite misleading to argue from the customary inhibition, a cultural fact, to the native temperament.
But the suggested comparison is misleading and the criticism is unfair.
Another misleading argument for war needs brief notice.
The u in all these words is therefore either useless or positively misleading.
Beyond the factual errors, this article had more than a few misleading implications.
But the name still manages to be misleading as figgy pudding is more of a cake than a pudding.
The claim as stated is some combination of incompetently written and purposefully misleading.
The land has a timeless, indestructible look that is misleading.
Calling this hydrozoan a coral, however, is a bit misleading-it's more closely related to sea jellies.
The actual focal length can be misleading because sensor sizes are different.
Please stop misleading people into thinking evolution is a circular argument when the opposite is true.
The arrows on the bottom of the bottle can be misleading, leading consumers to believe the item is recyclable.
Both are misleading and dangerous from a conservation and animal welfare perspective.
Some of the technical points were misleading and inaccurate.
Yet the techno-sheen given this war by smart bombs, night-vision goggles, and remote-controlled drones is misleading.
The tuition figure used in this article is misleading because it is not adjusted for inflation.
But it's misleading to claim that student-centered always requires shifting control to students.
Criminal records are often inaccurate or misleading, he said, and prior charges or convictions do not predict future behavior.
First impressions are often accurate and highly predictive, but they can also be misleading or wrong.
Graduation rates for community colleges are usually misleading and often irrelevant.
It was a deeply unfortunate-and largely misleading-choice of words.
If the party trick is misleading, so is the name of the secret ingredient.
But it is misleading to declare victory as soon as the content appears online.
More troubling, however, is the fact that the results it provides may be dangerously misleading.
And a few of their ads have been purposely misleading.
As neurologists who have examined her have explained, the snippets are profoundly misleading.
Outside of stated specs, which can be misleading, try to take a tablet for a test-drive to check the screen's capabilities.
Because they know that kind of sum turns people off from politics, they're misleading you.
It relies heavily on intuition and is amazingly capable of misleading and also of being misled.
But these were mostly based on observational studies, which can be misleading.
While this is an interesting graph it is somewhat misleading.
Here's another way to explain why the concept of cheap wages can so quickly become misleading.
The statistics can be misleading: in places where rain falls copiously and evenly from the skies, withdrawals will be small.
Such evidence of counter-revolutionary regression may be misleading.
Although this graph is depicted to be a good representation of corruption and human development, it again is quite misleading.
On the other hand, perhaps commonsense is a tad misleading.
The impression of normality is only partly misleading.
Yet the ready-to-rally impression is somewhat misleading.
Critics claim that misleading recruiting lures students into programmes that leave them with heavy debt and flimsy skills.
Each of these icons has its own nutritional criteria, some grossly misleading.
For someone who don't know that your article and enclosed photo are misleading.
He gave a radio address demanding that executives should be criminally liable if they give intentionally misleading information.
For instance, the author of this article is responsible for misleading its readership.
Talking about high and low wavelength feels wrong and could be misleading.
But this reasoning is confused and highly misleading.
But, comparing security based on frameworks alone is misleading.
In each case, the result is strongly misleading in the direction of optimism.
Taking a snapshot of recycling costs at a single moment early in the life of community programs is misleading.
It is not to his credit that his answer seems to have been misleading.
Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong.
The unemployment rate is not the only gravely misleading statistic.
The hitch is that the clue's message is couched in a misleading way.
Maybe the angle in the photo is misleading, and leaning toward us her pregnancy is concealed.
Worldwide patent statistics can be somewhat misleading, since different countries follow different standards for granting patents.
The primary characteristic of unethical games is that they are manipulative, misleading, or both.
Economic theory has been built on the misleading concept of equilibrium.
With that out of the way, the chart is misleading in several ways.
In fact, that is a focus of its rhetoric, which is misleading.
Pretending otherwise requires willfully misleading the public.
And checklists-even weighted checklists-may produce misleading results.
And to call his opening sentence misleading is itself a bit misleading.
The results may be helpful, or misleading, and you often need to know quite a bit about the subject to choose the right links.
In either case, the results of a test on such a select group can be misleading.
Once again, a survey that measures within city limits rather than across metro regions may be producing misleading results.
Doctors unfamiliar with the scandal have no reason to suspect the article is misleading.
The article also stated that these bullets are illegal for traditional police use, which is misleading.
So phrased this is a completely misleading statement.
Some argue that walking and other low level exertions expend relatively few calories, but this is misleading.
The terms of the current debate, however, are fundamentally misleading.
The graph above is a bit misleading as to the end dates.
But each patient had exhibited an unusual and misleading trait.
These ads give what can charitably be called misleading information about vaccines.
In the annals of misleading science reporting, this may be pretty small potatoes.
Then they set up controls to filter out misleading behavior.
To state a risk implies a foretelling, but this predictive power is misleading.
Well, the big one is that breathless doomsday articles are generally hugely misleading, if not outright wrong.
In actuality, it presents statements that it argues are facts but in some cases are actually either untrue or misleading.
While this is certainly true, it is also somewhat misleading.
It is misleading to think of autism as a single disorder.
Better that her information be discarded than aggregated into a data set in a misleading fashion.
Meantime, the emphasis on the performance of a single machine is a bit misleading.
The apparent simplicity is somewhat misleading, however.
Several posters have made statements that are misleading or downright wrong.
Well, the headline's misleading because nothing has changed except our measurements.
Research has shown, for instance, that children who know two languages more easily solve problems that involve misleading cues.
Agreed, the overall conclusion looks probable but correlations can be misleading.
The environmental impact information in the article is misleading.
Koala calls may be misleading, but larger males have even lower voices than their runtier counterparts.
To say there is no oversight is irresponsible and misleading.
It is misleading to answer: responsibility to ourselves.
Some of the counterclaims, though, are plain misleading.
The reports on the study were misleading for several reasons.
Corporate advertising is misleading in another way as well.
Moreover, a single-minded emphasis on vast sums having been squandered can itself be misleading.
But as he emphasizes, the concept of five-year survival can be misleading.
Yet to say they had misread history was in itself misleading.
Furthermore, all were aware of how misleading these figures are.
But it's also another lesson on how misleading the current figure can be.
Which is too bad, because it is fundamentally misleading about the next stage of the war.
He has posted fabricated interviews and deliberately misleading surveys.
Information about reported misleading business solicitations.
Learn how to avoid making false and misleading statements.
Misleading weight loss advertising is everywhere, preying on consumers desperate for an easy solution.

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