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The averages mislead and draw people to the wrong conclusions.
Let's not mislead the public and cancer patients, who surely suffer enough.
One reason, say churchmen, is that a minaret on the skyline might mislead first-time visitors.
Until then, my friend, you are the one that is sadly mislead.
At first there was plenty of speculation that the device might be a red herring, left to mislead.
Switching your topic to pollution doesn't mislead me.
The committee's report also says the coaches attempted to mislead investigators.
They would teach us in training about what not to say to mislead a potential student by skirting the real issues.
But that story is so incomplete as to mislead policy makers.
But, they do so because they wish to mislead others into thinking that there has been an egregious violation of law or protocol.
Those individuals who rely on media for social cues are mislead.
It is sad to see people who are supposed to represent and teach the good be mislead by the temptation of greed.
Secrets only effect is to mislead people and bread conspiracy.
Traditional indicators of inflation may mislead monetary policymakers.
Please note this in your future stories so you don't mislead a researcher.
He also has created a number of alter egos to mislead bloggers.
These expressions of surprise generally show how much our intuitions mislead us when estimating probabilities.
Mistakes such as the one above will mislead all your readers no end.
They are really angry at the people who they feel mislead them, and suckered them into coming.
But it's not a scientist's job to mislead only by omission.
But a liar that is known is not believed so cannot mislead us.
The temptation to mislead oneself is the reason that journalists aren't supposed to invest in companies they cover.
Every automobile manufacturer on every continent will manipulate the data in their favor and in doing so will mislead the buyer.
Unfortunately, scores of academic advice books mislead job seekers into thinking that their letter should be limited to one page.
Not completely accurate, but a lot less likely to mislead.
It is disingenuous to endeavor to conceal these facts, and to mislead ordinary citizens about them.
We have restructured certain situations and our possible cues so as to deliberately mislead the gorillas.
Without rigorous validation, models can mislead, as small errors expand into large ones.
Simplifying the science only makes it easier for the rhetoric mill to mislead.
The deniers here are essentially psychopaths trying to mislead the people in order to advance their agenda.
Yes, there are a number of patterns in evolution that are both recurring and likely to mislead if we're not prepared for them.
Also, they said, robots used in battlefield situations would benefit from being able to mislead an enemy.
In some recordings, orangutans used gestures to distract or mislead others.
The companies exist to make money, and they overstate and mislead as much as they can get away with to get more customers.
But some scientists are worried that the movie's viral marketing campaign will mislead the gullible.
It is those on the other side of the argument that are lying, seeking deliberately to mislead.
He later appeared to mislead the state legislature about it.
But such statistics can mislead, social scientists say.
It's disappointing when people use their excellent communication skills to mislead, to be sure.
Pictures are supposed to illustrate stories, not mislead and make non-existing connections in readers' minds.
Citing his own blog as scientific evidence is nothing less than a cheap trick designed solely to mislead.
The picture is no doubt misleading, but mislead in vain.
Define your remarks were open, and meant to mislead.
Currency also mislead a country's true economic strength.
One of you is either badly informed or is trying to mislead.
Many food label claims may mislead rather than inform.
The decor should not mislead guests, though, as guests are treated to modern luxuries as well.
Maintaining a reserved silence may mislead people into thinking you are cold or uncaring.
If that was an example of a his famous temper, we've all been mislead.
Your amorous signals could mislead you and cause a serious backlash.
It is untrue that the court was mislead and unfair for the judge to penalize the defense.
Improper labeling or lack of labeling could confuse or mislead the consumer.
Maybe they're a little more careful with their data and they work a little harder to not mislead people.
The criminal evidence is inconclusive, and may have been planted with the intent to mislead.

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