mislabel in a sentence

Example sentences for mislabel

Some bank e-mail systems appear to mislabel our registration confirmation messages as spam, and block our message.
Similar patient names can cause caregivers to misidentify patients or mislabel specimens.
Sometimes people mislabel seafood products for financial gain-an activity called seafood fraud.
Meanwhile, some retailers intentionally mislabel conventional produce as organic.
In addition, some stores mislabel price tags displayed in shop windows or sales counters.
Arbitrage opportunities and incentives to mislabel the source of fertilizer abound.
However, there have been some concerns regarding the possibility that a user would accidentally mislabel a work.
When you mislabel emotions or deny them, you cannot address them and they build up inside you.
Sometimes people mislabel seafood products for financial gain--an activity called seafood fraud.
It is consumer fraud and illegal to mislabel a product, no matter how inexpensive.
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