misjudge in a sentence

Example sentences for misjudge

Or you could misjudge the price your customers are willing to pay.
Moreover, some companies misjudge when industries are mature.
Children are more difficult to see around parked cars, and they can dart out into traffic or misjudge when it's safe to cross.
Even the best water enthusiasts can misjudge changing water conditions when boating or swimming in open water.
As a result, consumers may misjudge their level of intoxication and engage in risky behavior such as driving while intoxicated.
They may have trouble judging distance and bump into things or misjudge steps.
Even experienced abusers may misjudge their dosage and overdose because of the higher purity of the heroin.
When the speed limit is high, drivers making left turns can sometimes seriously misjudge the speed of oncoming traffic.
Hunters accustomed to deer-sized animals can easily misjudge an elk's distance.
Even experts can misjudge how steep a running slope or cross slope is if they do not use a level.
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