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There is so much misinformation and fear about sharks in our society.
There is great hysteria and fear and misinformation about dogs.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
It obvious you and your ilk will continue to spout off misinformation, in the name of your failed ideology.
Made primarily for entertainment purposes, these products sometimes convey misinformation or foster misconceptions.
So the media bears responsibility for this triumph of misinformation.
But the process itself is healthy--yea, even though it frequently produces its own misinformation.
Our initial focus will be on fact-checking services to expose misinformation in the public debate.
Misinformation abounded and government officials struggled with how much information to release.
Technology can communicate and spread frustration, but it also amplifies government propaganda and misinformation.
When it comes to environmental issues, misinformation runs rampant and so does emotion.
So instead of being a risk management tool everyone is aware of, it is instead misinformation.
Before long, the mainstream media would be reporting the misinformation as news that was fit to print.
People are more likely to believe misinformation about someone they see as different from themselves.
As you say, its full of misinformation and hyperbole.
There continues to be a campaign of misinformation about this and other facilities where chimpanzees live.
Pandering to social misinformation in media is what needs to be regulated, not personal choice.
There is so much misinformation out there concerning these machines.
Misinformation about the barrier's visibility dates back decades.
The addiction recovery industry is filthy with myth, misinformation and pseudo-science.
There is however quite a bit of misinformation out there about transmission losses.
Ronald does no one any service by spreading misinformation about pesticides.
The previous commenter is a perfect example of the misinformation this type of journalism perpetuates.
Tragically, people are dying unnecessarily as a result of misinformation promulgated by this group.
Please get your facts straight before publishing such misinformation.
So many websites change articles to the point of complete misinformation.
Trying to sway a debate by using misinformation is counterproductive.
Others are in my view pseudoscience and misinformation, unsupported by experimental evidence.
So again, misinformation by global climate change morons.
Be ready, however, for some back-and-forth if the article's creator has a source for the misinformation.
Information, including misinformation, will change the world militarily and economically.
There is quite a bit of misinformation in these comments.
Players who try to cheat by asking members of staff for directions are penalised with misinformation.
And these same people seemed to be full of exactly the same misinformation.
It is sad that there is a lot of misinformation regarding climate science.
But the pro life camp often opposes these measures, and their opposition is often based on misinformation.
Also too much misinformation and spin and too many covert operations by both sides are making meaningful talks impossible.
It does not highlight enough the corruption, the misinformation, the shackling of the press.
So mostly these reluctant voters will vote on the suggestions and misinformation pushed by these king makers.
It's much easier to repeat the same misinformation perpetrated by others who have never read it.
But meanwhile there has also been a considerable amount of misinformation put about concerning the article and my work.
My own point would be that even misinformation and caricature have interesting pedigrees.
Its amazing how much misinformation is being broadcast on this thread.
He is supposedly a health educator and he is presenting misinformation as though it were the undisputed truth.
There is not only too much information there's too much misinformation.
Earlier posts corrected some of the misinformation in the article.
There is some misinformation out there about using this code to add authorized users to your account.
There's a lot of nutrition misinformation out there.
The process is to dispel rumors and misinformation and get to the facts.
If the media report misinformation, they can make the crisis worse.
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation.
Misinformation that can then take days or weeks to get right.
Well, some people have been spreading misinformation and political propaganda but it isn't the climatologists.
The second step is to figure out whether it really is misinformation.
The fear-mongering and misinformation plaguing the faux-sweetener market seems to be rooted in a common misconception.
Because they are not mistakes but purposeful misinformation.
The other major area of misinformation concerns the waiver itself.
As you may have heard, there is an awful lot of misinformation about the current legislation to reform health insurance.
High fructose corn syrup has been the subject of a lot of attention and misinformation in the past few years.
So much misinformation about this procedure abounds that it is truly time to set the record straight.
Whether the individual received misinformation from an official source.
When misinformation is found after the subsequent application is denied.
There is a lot of information and misinformation out there about organ and tissue donation.
One method of countering discrimination and stigma is to replace misinformation with new understanding and knowledge.

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