mishmash in a sentence

Example sentences for mishmash

Cutting and pasting also produces a mishmash of styles and teaching approaches, creating confusion.
That's why the current reform plans rely instead on a mishmash of regulations, national exchanges, and subsidies.
But demos of both operating systems suggest that users could face a confusing mishmash of design ideas and interaction methods.
Household rubbish presents special problems, since it is an unpredictable mishmash of all sorts of stuff.
Navigating this mishmash of regulations is no easy task.
But it has always been a mishmash of evolving and often conflicting ideas rather than a coherent creed.
As such it contains little new material, and its chapters are a bit of a mishmash.
Not sure what you mean by this chaotic mishmash except for making it impossible to make a serious discussion.
The rest of the column is a mishmash of half-truths and bald-faced lies.
Tilt is a mishmash of notebook accessories, shoved surprisingly neatly into a sleek plastic box.
The roof is a balcony bar with a hot tub, and each balustrade upright is again a mishmash of tints and shades.
The resulting packages are a mishmash of policy proposals.
What remains is an impossibly truncated mishmash of the land available for combat training.
And what he generates almost exclusively is a mishmash of mimicry.
It's something worse: an exceedingly earnest mishmash of subplots with only the haziest grasp of narrative coherence.
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