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Example sentences for misguided

It's an uncomfortably deluded place, imbued with an aggressively misguided value system.
The truth of the matter is that society in general has this misguided notion that being in prison is a cake walk.
Misguided imperial aggression has regularly been advocated by experts of formidable erudition.
My candidates are incentive problems, poor policy decisions, and misguided economic theorizing.
The handwringing about obsolete formats is misguided.
All in all, it's a wonder that investors are so uninformed and have poured money into this misguided endeavor.
Misguided government or company policies that produce negative consequences are also frequently cited by their critics.
It is a reprehensible and misguided strategy that will produce no good.
The technology sounds interesting but the article is a little misguided in my humble opinion.
Furthermore, the food versus energy argument is also misguided.
When you are certain that an edit is misguided, grant that your editor was trying to fix a problem.
We should not ignore such fire-stoking, however misguided it may be.
It's one thing to go against a majority vote that is close, if you have good reason to think it is misguided.
Such thinking, however, is always misguided-ideas and practices never stay in the boxes that authorities build for them.
Clearly my body had some kind of misguided plan to pad me well for the winter months.
But if the change is misguided and not in the best interests of all stakeholders, people will speak up.
If you think that public universities are not worried about keeping students enrolled, your are clearly misguided.
Putting wolves among sheep is misguided, foolish, and counterproductive.
Using education as a chit in his misguided political bargaining strategy is reprehensible.
Educators, administrators and legislators who mandate it are misguided.
Rockets are equipped with self destruct mechanism to protect the public from misfiring or misguided rockets.
People's misguided claims, be them overt or subtle, are baffling.
Yet fatalism about an unreformable state seems misguided.
To a free-market enthusiast, the question might seem misguided.
It chastised governments for their inadequate response and their misguided obsession with austerity.
Misguided government policy caused the food industry to switch to high fructose corn syrup in the first place.
Complex and unwieldy regulations have been imposed, but are not working, indeed arguably were always misguided.
Yet some of the opprobrium heaped on his government's immigration policy is misguided.
But to attribute the woes of euro-zone government-bond markets solely to evil speculators is dangerously misguided.
The second problem these countries have faced, concurrent with misguided leadership is obviously vast population growth.
But the government, desperate to redeem a misguided promise, seems to be reaching for a hatchet instead of a scalpel.
The insistence on buying a house to live in, however, may in fact be misguided.
Many of the politicians' fears about foreign investors are surely misguided.
Any formal logic in these pieces would exist solely in the minds of misguided listeners.
But to claim that this animal is abused and better off dead is incredibly narrow-minded and misguided.
Despite the destruction wrecked upon us by decades of misguided thinking, our potential is as strong as ever.
Also, both spent enormous sums of cash and human resources to alert the nation to their misguided predictions.
College rankings aren't dangerous or misguided so long as they are used prudently, safely and appropriately.
Even in the nineteenth century, skeptical scientists found his interest in exotic mental phenomena misguided, if not reckless.
Nothing to be skipped over in the name of some misguided intellectual social-climbing.
The cuts these days are being required because of unwise tax decisions and misguided priorities.
Let's, for a moment, humor the misguided notion that hurricanes really can stimulate the economy.
And we're trying to point out that that's a misguided way of doing things for nature and for other people.
Public policies aimed at forcing salt reductions are misguided and potentially dangerous, he says.
These were extremely misguided, costly and grossly ineffective.
Misguided policies favor biofuels over grain for hungry people.
Well-meaning, but perhaps as misguided as our disasters.
Never has so many highly paid intelligent people been so misguided.
Nor do they protect hospitals or doctors from misguided malpractice suits.
Countries are free to pursue any misguided policies they wish.
It seems to me that the idealism of being able to duplicate nature's steaks is misguided and counter productive.
The fact that some commenter's here support this misguided measure only shows their ignorance or stupidity.
That's why these misguided souls are making the argument.
Let economics bring about the demise of the incandescent, not well meaning but misguided laws.
Yet today the majority of psychologists agree that it was fundamentally misguided.
Wow, so much misguided posts here its tough to read.
Librarians have purged their shelves of newspapers, he argues, because they are driven by a misguided obsession with saving space.
They see themselves as standard-bearers, that is bearers of some standard of quality for a misguided civilization.
He insisted that others misunderstood him and were misguided.
He supported the steady state theory and was rightly called misguided for that.
The difference is that nobody is misguided enough to think that they are actually true.
If you are misguided by miss conceptions of new age wannabes or a limited or extremely narrow scope of the reality.
Humanity is too close to emerging from this age of trial by fire to risk it all for another misguided adventure.
In both cases, misguided, heavy handed political correctness.
The appeal of the play today is the amusing look at the peculiar customs of a misguided era.
In the week to come, you might meet people who are experts in their field but are misguided in other areas.
It's one thing, albeit often misguided, for the agency to outsource certain tasks to contractors.
And if you're splurging out of frustration or some misguided notion that you will help rescue the economy, think again.

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