misguide in a sentence

Example sentences for misguide

Don't let our metaphoric preface misguide you into thinking this is a football film.
Tome, they have become misguided and in turn misguide common people.
We have seen what these guys and their students did and continue to misguide governments.
Self responsibility and good parenting are key to healthy lifestyles, but impossible when food manufacturers misguide them.
To call this event a protest is to misguide the public.
They also misguide the homeowner to cease any communication with the lender.
Listing crucial revisions in this section would prove to be lengthy, duplicative, and possibly misguide the reader.
Without an adequate understanding of their application, actuarial tools have the potential to misguide the estimation of risk.
Give us belief and knowledge in the truth when others attempt to misguide us by deceit.
Of course, the government would never misguide its citizens for its own political gain.
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