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Some or all of the food purchased with those benefits was destroyed due to a household misfortune or natural disaster.
What these ancient tragedies enact over and over again is not misfortune outside a character's control.
Then there were the musicians, dancers, and sculptors who had the misfortune of being ensnared on a college campus.
To lose a cabinet appointee may be regarded as a misfortune.
So in our culture it is far more acceptable to laugh at your own or others' misfortune.
Mountain gorillas are rare and endangered, and they have the misfortune to live in a part of the world wracked by human violence.
It is the land where misfortune and opportunities are constantly intersecting.
It is the misfortune of many persons that they are born too late.
And the slings and arrows of outraged misfortune will no doubt fly and land in heaps.
The misfortune marked him for life and fed into his scientific thinking.
As a result, suspected witches often become scapegoats for misfortune and other problems such as failed crops or village feuds.
It seems to be an evil thing to do, to profit from another family's misfortune.
Ever since, the ghost is supposed to have brought misfortune upon an arrogant establishment.
But they have the misfortune to not be on the top of the food chain.
Im guessing there is a sinister plot to make money off the misfortune of others.
The first time it involved a dear, long-term friend whose misfortune it is to be bipolar.
One state has the great misfortune to belong to both troubled groups.
The oil spill had the disastrous misfortune of happening at the beginning of the fishing season.
Even the queen recently visited an infected farm in a sign of sympathy for the scale of personal and business misfortune.
When misfortune strikes, they respond with a calm decisiveness, but the wider world has its own ideas.
Being underestimated is, for some people, a misfortune.
Misfortune perhaps, for opera would disappear from repertoire.
Welch's narratives tend to be accounts of resignation, misfortune, or torment.
To have rocked one of those pillars may be regarded as a misfortune.
As the old stoic philosophers said, the sage is immune to misfortune.
The absence of a state was not the cause of all their misfortune.
He certainly deserves, in my mind, every misfortune that befalls him.
Okay-his misfortune had nothing to do with the design of the net, but a strong dramatic narrative was built around it.
As a result they endured even traumatic misfortune without seeking professional help.
He had the misfortune to have mental troubles in old age.
It is better to be unborn than untaught, for ignorance is the root of misfortune.
All that philosophy can teach is to be stubborn or sullen under misfortune.
When the hands of time play with us, misfortune is imparted to us by its protracted kiss.
Don't dilate on ills, misfortune, or other unpleasantnesses.
If misfortune was abroad, it was certain to fall on him.
The same national misfortune happens, when a king worn out with age and infirmity, enters the last stage of human weakness.
It is better to be unborn than untaught: for ignorance is the root of misfortune.
But being in the fault, she has the misfortune of greatness to be held as the chief offender.
The second effect of his misfortune was to render him malevolent.
And at times he is disposed to cast the blame of his misfortune on the uninstructive nature of youthful virtue.
Genetic misfortune, cries the lobby of the larger-sized.
True, there is something mean-spirited about profiting from a neighbour's misfortune, but that's not worthy of outrage.
They had to have tribute paid to them so misfortune did not befall you.
The only way many of their clients can get their money back is if they suffer misfortune.
The sad human characteristic this article identifies is our penchant to profit from misfortune.
Poor citizens wish to escape their struggles, not continue to remain trapped in their misfortune.
There he would light a fire, say a special prayer, and the miracle would be accomplished and the misfortune averted.
But consider the various levels of misfortune of so many others.
Surviving the gauntlet of misfortune early in a relationship can be a valuable litmus test, say counselors.
They laugh at their own misfortune: when someone's hut blows over in a rainstorm, the occupants laugh more loudly than anyone.
Unsuccessful applicants were mailed the return application postcard stating their misfortune.
Then your landscape guy will take it for a ride on his lawnmower and spread your misfortune to all your neighbors.

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