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And no other drug has been more precious for pain control, though sometimes at high cost in addiction and misery.
We tend to think of mental hospitals as snake pits, hells of chaos and misery, squalor and brutality.
These pages are alive with pain, heavy with human misery.
Money can't buy you happiness, but misery surely can bring you sadness.
Nothing but time can cure the common cold, but a simple cup of salt water might ease the misery this winter.
But the newcomers and the flowers are not the only source of all this misery.
Clouds of insects-displaced from their habitat-added to the misery.
Measuring misery by one's bank account and tax return sometimes misses the point.
Back then, there was no one to witness either the misery or the bravery of this heroic band.
Enter your cubicle of misery by posting a photo below.
Botch a few of those decisions and you will come to know the true meaning of misery.
Food prices are causing misery and strife around the world.
Bringing clean water close to people's homes is key to reversing the cycle of misery.
Aside from sparing kids and parents the misery of illness, flu prevention saves money.
So it was basically an alternate way of profiting off of others' misery.
Debt forgiveness, even if it came, wouldn't relieve the misery of finding out that these were hollow promises.
Funny how fast human misery turns into human opportunity.
Sometimes changing one small aspect of your work is enough to tip the scale in a direction away from misery.
The blessing of the monsoon always brings misery for some.
Those of us who live in misery and are scorned by our fellow humans for being weak will not appreciate it.
It reinforces our loneliness and our wretched human misery.
But the misery stretches well beyond the recession, as our charts above make clear.
There must be many million fatalities and untold misery from lack of affordable power, clean water and good jobs.
Look for people who seem uncomfortable and put them out of their misery by starting a conversation.
For the left, government has failed to tame the cruelty of markets and lift the poor out of their misery.
But as the electorate gets more and more unsettled, the political volatility and misery is on his hands.
Science, as it is practiced by callous zealots, consumes life in disregard of the misery it inflicts.
People rightfully put animals out of their misery when they are at the end of their life.
Misery loves company, and no one in turn loves misery more than newbie filmmakers.
But even those patients lucky enough to receive a donor organ in time, and survive the transplant surgery, face more misery still.
The euro zone is now threatened by a sovereign credit crunch nasty enough to plunge entire economies into misery.
Or else rear end someone and die, either of which would take me out of my misery.
Drought, cold and snow are the proximate causes of this season's widespread misery.
Workplace bullying is a big concern in academe and a source of much misery for some faculty members.
Most will take alternative routes, spreading the misery.
The misery they inflict seems to motivate cyber-stalkers.
Some fear that lawyers and other professionals are milking their misery.
The first seven days of deprivation will be sheer misery, but stay on track.
No trip could deliver more misery, for even a gram more would have killed them and ended it.
Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
As you can see, these hands belong to an old and impoverished individual who can behold nothing but misery and indigence.
The supply chain of cocaine stretches around our world, bringing vast wealth to a few and misery to millions.
Volunteers needed the birds to gain strength before they could tackle the cause of the penguins' misery: oiled feathers.
Caught in this vortex of human misery, it would be a miracle if the animals remained unscathed.
Human misery would, no doubt, reach pandemic proportions.
And yet maintaining the status quo is sure to spread quite a bit of misery inequitably.
He had all the ingredients of a happy life and yet somehow had brewed them into misery.
At the other extreme, realize that deep misery might originate from something much darker than the tenure track.
My experience has been that they are dangerous and cause much misery.
We put it out of its misery because it was not savable.
But when he did write, it was usually because something had temporarily broken up his misery.
After an uncharacteristic period of misery, she reinvented herself as a lecturer.
So to govern as to produce the maximum of human happiness and comfort, and the minimum of human misery.
Its subject becomes, say, undeserved misery-which does happen.
He is then struck by a vision of misery: on the beach, a white horse covered with sores is swaying, about to die.
Choosing the humanistic approach to other people's misery brings certain obligations.
Their misery in the aftermath proved that they had failed, had violated the ancient code of cooperation.
The largest fraction of of government at every level is devoted to impressing misery.
The act of taking a meal together, far from home, can be enough to stave off misery and desperation.
It comes top of our misery index, which combines two powerful indicators of economic gloom-unemployment and inflation.
She shows that in large chunks of life, the simplistic search for the perfect choice is not only impractical, but leads to misery.
But addiction can also inflict misery on the families and especially the children of any addict, and involves wider social costs.
To add to their misery, each day seems to bring a new study showing how vile and dangerous even a whiff of cigarette smoke can be.
Idle industries have cast workers into unemployment, causing human misery and personal indignity.
Our sympathy is cold to the relation of distant misery.
Gleams desolate along the sky, night's misery ended.
More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery.
Let us therefore judge, with less vanity, on which side the real misery is found.
Public events had produced an immense sum of misery to private citizens.
Nowhere else has such contiguity been anything but the breeder of misery.
We are responsible for the misery, the strain, the terror.
Their misery seemed to have abolished every possible future for them.
The chronic offenders who cause us all so much misery are probably especially aware of the risks they run.
He knew that misery makes strange bed-fellows, and that hearts are welded by suffering endured together.
All the people whose insides have been torn out by misery identify with her, and she is singing for all of them.
It could sometimes ease the misery inflicted upon people by words.
Despite the obvious poverty, there is no sense of overcrowding or misery.
When she walked into my exam room, her misery was obvious.
In the proximate sense this purging of the genetic load occurs through human misery.
At the moment, to the misery of millions, there's no reliable method to quell them.
And your experiences, tragic as they may be, are not grounds for spreading even more misery through bad advice.
It is of course possible that in some cases criminal advantage had been taken of the misery of these people.
They fail to acknowledge the misery in the world, and live in emotionally gated communities.
The misery that this implies for the city's dependent poor is unimaginable.
If economic misery were to be the price for political emancipation, many people might not want to pay it.
With no moisture, the ground is a virtual hot plate, adding to the misery.
Many in countries with crime and corruption problems may prefer not to see the misery replayed in their entertainment.
Of course, the savings in family misery cannot be calculate in dollars and cents.
So keep in mind that you may, in fact, be the author of your own misery.
The sufferers marinate in those thoughts without resolution and create misery for everyone around them.
It turned out merely to be a warm-up for the misery to come, the beginning of an extraordinary act of literary masochism.
The misery didn't cease-not for days, not for weeks.
Protective clothing and insect spray will help prevent misery.

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