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Example sentences for miserly

But by global standards, its charitable giving is miserly.
Even by the miserly standards of the current recovery, that was low.
Miserly throttle on petrol causes drag from the below atmospheric pressure in the inlet manifold.
The miserly constraints spurred her to be fiendishly resourceful.
IF you are staying at a minimum-service economy motel, miserly phone service should not be a surprise.
His spendthrift ways with our money were replaced with miserly ways with his own.
And the more miserly the model, the bigger the reduction in fuel efficiency being recorded.
The other half of the time, you have insulted them by being miserly.
The future me is both wiser and more miserly than the current me, leading to many disputes between us.
By morning, this wretched, miserly recluse has been transformed into the season's icon of exuberant celebration.
At first glance, annuity rates do not seem so miserly.
Firms have become miserly in their computer budgets.
Many companies sticking with tradition have been more miserly.
Miserly players can still participate in the game and pay indirectly by being exposed to advertising.
New machines come with smarter batteries and miserly circuitry that works longer.
They needed money to supplement miserly pensions or salaries.
He even gets a preview of what is in store for him should he continue on his miserly ways.
They live off rents collected from them, rather than join in the miserly peasant life.
Sales of the energy-miserly dishwashers, air conditioners and washing machines posted gains.
Convincing miserly museum trustees that their acquisitions are worthwhile is no easy task.

Famous quotes containing the word miserly

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