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If you're trying to photograph people in miserably low light, simply wait until your subject looks up into the light.
We failed miserably and so the rancher began to butcher the cow then and there on the roadside.
Every attempt to relieve the leak or even completely seal it have failed miserably.
Apparently, the reachers envisioned themselves creating a worthwhile study but failed miserably.
So far world political leaders have failed miserably to come to agreement on how to tackle climate change.
Partly because when it is really held up as such it fails miserably, so be careful what you wish for.
Evidence you and the movement you seem to affiliate with have failed miserably to provide over and over again.
In that regard he unfortunately is failing miserably.
Socialism had its sixty years, and it failed miserably.
PC makers tried the touchscreen thing a few years back, and failed miserably.
Attempts by campus authorities to control this unrest have failed miserably.
But if the college was hoping to end the conflict, it failed miserably.
Seeing a platform they invested in fail this miserably is nothing put horrible from a business perspective.
The ruffians were themselves pursued by divine vengeance, and all perished miserably.
Nothing fails so miserably as a failed euphemism-though there have been plenty of successes.
And in this crazy world, admitting weak students serves no purpose, because they would fail miserably.
Hopefully, this was not the case of an instructor being sacrificed as the easy out for a system failing miserably.
It has taken control of, and has support in, remote and miserably poor parts of the mountains.
Unfortunately, the corporate world is littered with examples of boards that have failed miserably.
Both the geeks and the politicians are widely seen to have failed miserably.
Shorting stocks-betting they will lose value-is a dicey game that can pay handsomely for some and fail miserably for others.
More than half of the population lives in miserably poor conditions.
He has twice cut the firm's miserably low profit forecast for this year.
But no clear comfort for the centre-right either-except that the extreme right failed miserably.
Even the best model in the world can fail miserably if its user is inept or it is applied inappropriately.
It could all soon change-but stay miserably the same.
But it failed miserably in the committee, which is filled with the farm lobby's friends.
Self-regulation has failed as miserably as communism, from securities to medicine to consumer safety.
It failed as miserably as had several previous attacks.
His aim is to attract tourists from the city, but the kitschy farm fails miserably.
More typically, secessionist campaigns have failed miserably, and proved costly in human life.
Higher education has failed miserably at teaching students to deeply and effectively collaborate in order to innovate.
Whether they perform beautifully or miserably, they cannot be run out of business.
Previous public health campaigns to reduce drinking and smoking failed miserably.
As in any endeavor, some entrants will be better than others, and some will fail miserably.
But the trick miserably failed, and the impious monarch received the punishment which his crime had merited.
Those who have tried to say that facts are all there is have failed miserably.
The problem is as far as predicting the future goes the present climate models fail miserably.
Oh, and they've failed miserably with their original job.
The paradigm has failed miserably on virtually all counts.
When tested even using its own standards it fails miserably.
Compared with the adult rats, the adolescents failed miserably.
Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to visualize what has happened--and failing miserably.
Something that it has failed miserably to deliver on both counts.
Unfortunately, the article fails miserably in terms of actually learning anything new.
And furthermore, you'll fail miserably at convincing anyone of much of anything.
The petty officials kept contradicting one another miserably.
Coldness and the bitterest heats of feeling fight miserably with each other.
However brilliant in conception, the plan failed miserably in execution.
No one could know how miserably appropriate the choice would be.
One answer is that my book failed miserably to make these points clear, but that is not the only possible answer.
It is clear that the approach of this administration and its supporters have taken for economic recovery has failed miserably.
Everywhere else, the work has fared downright miserably.
It failed miserably as other troops rushed to his rescue.
Legalization has been tried before, and failed miserably.
Legalization has been tried before-and failed miserably.
Sure enough, two downy falcons huddled miserably beneath a large white pine tree.
The process was slow and early attempts failed miserably.
Especially after failing miserably at chemistry, biology, and math.
Big government has been tried and has failed miserably.
The salaries of corrections officials are miserably low.
In all of these controlled scientific studies, stocking birds for population increase failed, often miserably.
When tested at a high speed, this design failed miserably.
The ones tried failed miserably and some were never used.
The aluminum-foil antennas, however, did collapse miserably from the real gunfire.

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