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Surely it is possible for mentally healthy people to be unhappy, even severely miserable.
Even among impoverished populations, the ones that are miserable tend to be those with a few ultra-rich people among lots of poor.
Certain people seem to exist to make us miserable.
You know you are going to be wet, cold, and miserable for a month.
Still, the economy made life miserable for many.
The threat of war is making a hungry, violent and miserable country even worse.
Malaria is the most miserable experience I've ever been through.
Yeah, there's that looming tax deadline and the miserable weather.
Luckily he was able to bury himself, for eight hours of each miserable day, in his work.
History and politics make it poor and miserable.
In the first step, it enchants you in the second step it strikes you mercilessly with the most miserable ache.
The day of parting was a miserable and sad day for us all.
They sort of slump down in the box, making a low, miserable hum.
The public one, socially happy and the other private and miserable.
Most of my crew wore synthetic fibers, and they were cold and miserable.
His best friend has recently been apprenticed, and he is miserable.
From day one she was pushy, barked constantly, chewed on us and our belongings and generally made our lives miserable.
And they can be miserable in anything and ecstatic in anything.
Of course, taking gears out of the picture can make riding a lot less fun, if not downright miserable for those in hilly areas.
And here the prognosis is as miserable as the experience.
She ate her miserable macrobiotic gruel, and she meditated as best she could despite the excruciating pain.
He continues to refuse to make himself miserable about anything-yes, anything.
That's not to say good theatre necessarily makes you miserable.
He claims that it is a medically dangerous procedure that has made countless lives miserable.
He's filthy, miserable, gasping for breath and life.
First of all, an epic rainstorm battered the festival grounds all day, making it a pretty miserable experience.
And from the perspective of both cinema and life, it's a miserable plan.
However, as soon as she begins working, she's miserable.
She becomes so tense and miserable that it affects her life at home, alarming her dutiful husband.
Pushy photographers were making people's lives miserable.
The other is that inequality may literally be making people miserable by increasing stress and the hormones it releases.
Confirmation hurdles aside, the job looks a miserable one.
Spending over the holiday season is growing again after two miserable years for consumers and retailers alike.
He argues that in both cases, harsh, unaccountable rule led to miserable living standards.
It is sad to see miserable old people complaining about kids.
Yet even though periods of high unemployment are miserable for unwanted workers, it seems they can be good for workers' rights.
Let's not mention the suffering little children whose lives are made miserable by this unnecessary disease called cancer.
The proud shall be filled with utter confusion, and the covetous shall be pinched with miserable poverty.
Accordingly they both embarked, after paying their obeisance to his miserable highness.
Landsmen began to have that miserable sense of being where they were never meant to be.
Let timid doctrinaires depart from among us to carry their servility and their miserable fears elsewhere.
Plenty of people wish longingly for a vacation simply to escape the miserable weather.
Even the fanciest suite can be miserable if it's next door to a heavily trafficked laundry room or under a nightclub.
Residents never know whether the weather will be favorable or miserable.
Winter is a great time to cook, what with the long, cold nights and the miserable weather keeping you inside.
Experiencing these feelings can make life miserable, but the good news is it is possible to overcome them.
Large percentages of populations died miserable deaths due to starvation and disease.
No war, no warming is the only way to avoid ecocatastrophe and a much more miserable and dangerous world in only a few decades.
Given the billions spent by all taxing bodies the return on the investment is miserable.
Obsessing over our children's happiness may doom them to miserable adulthoods.
If incomes are down, then they're probably miserable.
Photography is this miserable, weak little thing that can show you a print with a hundred-to-one brightness range.
The fact is, collecting money from those who owe it is a miserable job.
He was metaphorically on his knees in penitence, and confessed himself a miserable sinner in the loveliest manner possible.
The housing market is already miserable, and deflation would make it even worse.
If that is what is making them miserable, then it's better for everyone that they should go, and not lose thereby.
Homeowners are little bit more miserable than renters.
We don't need to admire heroes or wish heroism on our children--a world full of heroes would be a miserable place.
Lots of people think school is rather miserable, and they wish to leave as soon as possible.
The interim government will have to contend with the same cantankerous parliament that made life miserable for the old leadership.
Practically nobody expects any better than a miserable summer for housing.
These are miserable places, bearing the brunt of the desert's expansion and plagued by civil wars.
The more miserable the life of the diva, the better able the performer was to channel his own anguish and drama into the show.
He kept it in a cage out in the machine shed, but all it wanted to do was sleep all day, and it seemed miserable.
You're right, of course, that fusion researchers have a miserable track record of meeting their goals.
He remained as confused as ever but somehow not as miserable.
Rafts are miserable things, much more exposed to currents.
Add the turned up gravity on that and life is miserable when a major storm comes in, either in the morning or evening.
In fact, they're rather miserable at determining mathematical truths.
Most of the time these folks recover and are fine, though miserable.
As a result, sure, they do not suffer any of those serious side effects that can make life pretty miserable.
For years he was made miserable, forced to study, and generally hectored.
But his first organized heist leaves him so miserable that he drops out of the gang.
The ghettos soon collapsed, leaving it to the city's hapless taxpayers to support their miserable inhabitants.
They are miserable, but the eyes do generally heal quickly.
In the face of problematic children, parents are miserable.
Give yourself a break and don't set deadlines that will only make you miserable when you can't meet them.
If it turns out sugar is actually toxic, we'll be miserable.
Too many of my colleagues on the tenure track are miserable.
And, except for a handful of psychopaths, it makes everyone universally more miserable.
Yet part-time faculty contracts look miserable in comparison to contracts for full-time faculty members on those campuses.
My brother tried and tried to succeed in higher education but was miserable.
He was determined to be miserable and wanted to transfer after one semester.
It's really not so different from this summer's protracted, miserable debt-ceiling debate.
But given its miserable track record on this case, there's reason for caution about expecting too much.
She did not want anyone to know about her miserable life, and she did not want her children stigmatized.
The trouble is that many of the newcomers are moving to residential ghettos with miserable economic prospects.
The more you try to live in the past, the more miserable you will be.
You're feeling miserable being here and thinking there's got to be a better place.
He looked miserable as he fought a cold, occasionally sneezing into a white scarf wrapped around his neck.
It was a cold and miserable experience for them both.
It was a miserable night, pouring rain and thunder and lightning.
We all know that flying can be a miserable way to travel.
So it's good to know that there are vile squadrons of ruthless photographers out there making the lives of the famous miserable.
To exist or continue in miserable or disheartening conditions.
Proper equipment can make the difference between an enjoyable or miserable hunt.
Crowding, poor sanitation, and drought made them miserable.
The boys are in a miserable mood, digging in the dirt in the schoolyard, when they unearth a mysterious blue bottle.
One is that those vicious yellow jacket wasps will suffer appropriately miserable deaths.
The outcasts sit alone in the lunchroom, overlooked and certain that the world is a miserable place.

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