misdirection in a sentence

Example sentences for misdirection

Good misdirection is mostly psychological, with the magician tricking different parts of the audience's brain.
Likewise the focus on microbial life, while interesting, is a complete misdirection.
Poverty costs everyone money, and so does vocational misdirection.
The bottom line, however, is that the entire theme represents intentional misdirection.
It seems to be referred to by magicians as time misdirection.
And the scavenger hunt went from a clever piece of misdirection to a real-life race against the clock.
Yet such a calamitous misdirection of energy can occur only under certain conditions.
He ruled as he'd seized power, by deception and misdirection.
It's a simple technique, but powerful when used with misdirection.
All attempts to sidestep this basic question amount to subterfuge and misdirection.
In a show full of liars and cons and truths that disguise themselves as cons, he's an easy mark for ruses and misdirection.
Every item of autobiography offered him the opportunity for deception, misdirection, lies.
Please be aware that email is not necessarily secure from third party interception or misdirection.
Please be aware that email is not necessarily secure from interception or misdirection.
E-mail that you send to us is not necessarily secure against third-party interception or misdirection.
The costs of the harm to investors and the misdirection of resources in uncovering and cleaning up these schemes can be enormous.
Failure to properly label submissions may cause a delay in identification, misdirection or disqualification of the submissions.
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