miscreant in a sentence

Example sentences for miscreant

To the miscreants in my neighborhood: Turn your music down and get a job.
This way miscreant nations must clean up their own act.
Thou wert well-nigh, yea, even by the miscreant rout.
He expected the policeman to advance and seize the miscreant orator by the neck.
Occasionally, I turn and stare nastily at the miscreant.
Sophia's married to a miserable dishonest miscreant.
We don't actually get to see the paddle hitting the miscreant's hindquarters, but we hear it.
Yet you cannot trample the miscreant into silence with either truth or distortions.
But for the enterprising miscreant, spamming-based computer crime is a growth industry.
Medieval Paris often saw conflict between lay and clerical authority over miscreant students.
Better to be portrayed as an uncool neurosurgeon than be portrayed as an addlebrained, lazy miscreant.
Broadly speaking, the cuddly ones should be focused on vulnerable children and the tough ones on miscreant adults.
Less barbaric treatment might include confinement in the stocks until the populace tired of abusing the miscreant.
Perhaps it is significant that the miscreant was of noble birth.
His miscreant tenure was then brought to an abrupt conclusion by means of a hangman's noose.
The situation at hand illustrates the miscreant nature of this position.
Those who knew of the crime agreed to keep it quiet, but to-day they determined that the miscreant should be punished.
Granted, a criminal miscreant with a billion dollars is potentially more dangerous than an impoverished criminal miscreant.
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