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We all do get too wrapped up in mis-interpreted and mis-collected statistics, don't we.
Autism has some of these same mis communications in the neuron communications.
The need for self-control is only there when our needs and wants, guided or mis-guided, create the temptation for us.
One should never trust a mis-worded compliment from a source that should know how to use language correctly.
In fact, one of the great delights that children have is figuring out when mis-direction and mis-truth has been used.
Webmaster, please forgive my duplication mis-statement.
Eugenics and master races were mis-applications of science for politically motivated reasons.
Your statements clearly reflect a mis-understanding of the scientific method.
Moreover, to mis-estimate athletics is equally bad whether their importance is magnified or minimized.
All is misconceived, and its mis-execution is equal to its misconception.
Everyone thinks because they have a mis-attributable, they're safe.
Solar-powered laptop chargers always seemed a little mis-matched.
The local government said it was investigating whether ordinary pork was being mis-sold as the costlier organic sort.
With more than a suspicion that mis-selling was at work, the insurers are loth to touch variable-rate policies now.
Outside experts estimate that one-third of defence spending is embezzled or otherwise mis-spent.
Because of the plethora of candidates and posts, many confused voters may have spoilt or mis-cast their ballots.
They have none of the power of pre-accession talks, when a single mis-step can easily mean another year of delay.
Such reticence is not altogether surprising: an even slightly mis-timed rebellion could prove disastrous for the rebels.
Drugs will be more effective, and mis-prescription rare.
Mis-pricing money causes resources to flow into unproductive areas.
In fact, the use of such faulty data may cause software firms to mis-identify core problems to their growth.
But if it is fair to call that a momentary mis-step, it was soon put right.
And the universe is comprehensible, but usually mis-understood.
They were not mis-stocked or pushed way in the back behind something else.
The film follows the mis-matched pair over the course of the weekend, as they learn about life through their series of adventures.
So it's a mis-description of our motives and actions.
There, without anesthesia, a doctor mis-set one broken arm and ignored the other entirely.
The show doesn't seem to take a mis-step, except for possibly having the main characters in mortal danger a little too much.
Swift believed only a parlour-maid had the right to mis-spell words.
Seven years in that type of industry will reveal the blatant misuse of our tax dollars in the name of mis-education.
Both human and physical resources are underutilized or mis-utilized to a rather high degree.
They fail to graduate students and the students they graduate are often un-, under- and mis-educated.
There is first-hand evidence to prove that these reports are not mis- leading.
His expression was determined but mildly guilty, as if he had been caught in the act of some mis- deed.
Its amazing how much mis-information journalists have when it comes to the complex issues.
Another couple got free mis-mixed paint from hardware stores and made do with a second-hand shower curtain.
Many concerns from major groups being ignored because of mis-education.
In the past, many autistic children were mis-diagnosed.
Never mind the various language translations, deliberate mis-translations, etc over the years.

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His whole works are a heap of mis-shapen errors, and absurd paradoxes, vented with the confidence of a jugg... more
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