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Example sentences for mirth

For each of us personally, mirth affords a certain distance from our defeats.
There's something menacing in their mirth.
There are flashes of secret mirth, memories caressed until they shine like ancient ivory.
Yet, her explosions of mirth do much to explain her charm.
But, alas, I got distracted from the mirth and dragged into politics.
Indignation there was matched by mirth here.
Despite a rather ponderous title, this collection is full of airy, light-hearted mirth.
Even in life she was never a great one for mirth, my mother.
I'm puzzled that this should cause such mirth.
While much of the story is infused with melancholy, her world is by no means without humor, mirth and wisdom.
Since then, mirth has been shown to reduce stress and even boost immunity.
It has been a cause of both mirth and puzzlement for the more traditionally named.
The line between laughing with and laughing at was a tightrope stretched between mirth and pity.
Nothing is flatter than laughter that is lacking in mirth.
And they ate and feasted, and spent the night in mirth and tranquility.
The physiologic effects of humor, mirth, and laughter.

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Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. The heart of the wise is... more
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