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Example sentences for mirror image

As you note, his left hand is raised to appear as an oath in the mirror image.
The images formed by the mirror image are a reflection of relationship between people on stage.
So this is sort of the mirror image of offering tax credits to companies when they hire.
The long day closed, in other words, on a mirror image of its beginning.
To every material object there is its ethereal mirror image.
Researchers have found the clearest evidence yet for a superconducting state that differs from its mirror image.
Now take an electron and the positron, think of them as mirror image's of each other.
Chirality is the property of an object to exist as distinguishable mirror image forms that are known as enantiomers.
Having a mirror image of the bar graphs obfuscated the data.
It tests for a specific ability: to be able to recognise one's mirror image as being how one's body appears.
But each monkey still threatens its mirror image as it would a macaque intruder.
The paper is then left to dry and later peeled off the stone face as a mirror image of the original carving.
But the life of the pseudo skeptic is the mirror image of the true believer.
At the appropriate moment, the main engine is restarted and slows the vehicle to a landing in a mirror image of the takeoff.
Our editors sometimes flip the video, which is essentially using the mirror image of a shot.
Lets you create a mirror image of important folders.
Enlargement fatigue has a mirror image: apathy and resentment.
Iridium's misfortunes may be the mirror image of the huge success of cellular phones.
The percentages then switch, becoming nearly a mirror image of what they had been.
But what you describe is simply the mirror image of what was being described.
Scene after scene begins in such a way that one can't be quite sure whether one is seeing the real thing or a mirror image.

Famous quotes containing the word mirror image

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