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Researchers have found the clearest evidence yet for a superconducting state that differs from its mirror image.
As a result, the flow of the preferred molecule across the film was five times as fast as that of its undesirable mirror image.
There's also an image of her bare backside, taken as she looks into a mirror.
Enlargement fatigue has a mirror image: apathy and resentment.
Part of the problem is the sheer ferocity of the downturn, a mirror image of the over-inflation of last year's bubble.
The percentages then switch, becoming nearly a mirror image of what they had been.
Parabolic troughs are large, curved mirrors that capture sunlight and reflect it onto an oil-filled pipe in the mirror's center.
Large biological molecules can be configured into two mirror-image orientations: left-handed or right-handed.
The long day closed, in other words, on a mirror image of its beginning.
Sometimes the image you see in that mirror is not a pleasant one.
And, one might add, the left has its own mirror-image dogmas.
It makes sense that these areas of the brain would be more free to drift apart from their mirror-image partners.
After all, nothing is harder to reflect than a mirror.
The charges beg an answer-the mirror they hold up is maybe meant less to reflect a face than to pick up a faint fog of breath.
Scientists plumb the secrets of mirror neurons, which allow the brain to perform its highest tasks.
How public colleges mirror state financial-aid policies.
By the time, the light travel from you to the mirror and back to your eye, what you look at is a different you than yourself.
Around the same time, a cardinal had discovered himself in an old mirror we'd left leaning against a little shed outside.
You'll get the look of a pricey oversize mirror without spending the cash.
When supporting a mirror while attaching it, keep your feet away from the wall in case the mirror slips from your grasp.
However, our educational-attainment levels do not mirror that finding.
The light then bounces off the bottom mirror, and then bounces again off the underside of the top mirror.
Our best conception of the cosmos is that of a curious monkey playing with a piece of broken mirror.
He also showed signs of being self-aware: he could recognize himself in a mirror.
Candle sconces on either side of the mirror add drama at night.
In the back of the mirror section are two storage slots where the blades are kept.
Awareness can be tested by studying whether the animal recognizes itself in a mirror.
His largest and best measured four feet in length, with a headlight-sized mirror and the zany appearance of a ray gun.
Mirror neurons neatly explain altruistic acts which do not need government programs to elicit them.
Antimatter particles are mirror opposites of normal matter particles.
Then choose flowers, paint, and furnishings that mirror those colors.
At this point, your should have a mirror of your desktop on two screens.
The distortions of the mirror are used to improve the subject's perception of the chart.
When the animals woke up, they were shown their reflection in the mirror.
They do not recognize friends or family members or even themselves in a mirror.
She also gave me a tiny hairbrush, comb and mirror for my own dollhouse.
Be sure to make the leg pairs mirror images of each other, not identical.
He is palpably shocked whenever he sees himself in a mirror.
To even get a glimmer of the mirror effect in life is beyond normal comprehension.
But a mirror as thin as this would also be flexible.
Experiments with a simple mirror setup can reveal much about the workings of the brain.
The intricate box, lined with blue velvet, contains pieces of mirror mounted on the rear surface.
The upshot is a mirror whose angle with respect to the light incident upon it can be changed at will.
The upshot is a mirror who angle with respect to the light incident upon it can be changed at will.
The part of the brain affected is the home of what is known as the mirror system.
Then spend a moment or two peering lovingly into the mirror.
Its findings mirror concerns over the shad's plight worldwide.
The systems use mini lasers and a tiny pivoting mirror called a micro scanner, which is smaller than a pinhead.
What we're doing is holding a mirror up to reality, and hopefully it's an interesting mirror.
While doing this they will position the mirror in different ways until you can see the speaker in the mirror.
There is only a single mirror and the choreography is complicated.
Put the double helix into a clear cylinder and stick a mirror on top.
They catch the shards of mirror affixed to the ceiling.
No, the entire mirror factory isn't filled with smoke.
He was standing in his bathroom, looking in the mirror when it happened.
She was meant to keep holding up a mirror to her peers.
He selected a crystal of ruby and coated each end with a silver mirror.
Universities mirror society in increasing economic inequality.
It was usually as a blurred face at the back of a painting, behind a huge plant, or casually in a hand mirror.
The customer may be the rear-view mirror but he's discovering the new acts online and the music industry has to follow.
The lady who had a mirror before cannot find the mirror now.
My attempts to disguise myself were generally fruitless, and maybe it was due to their recognition of the mirror pole.
To make one's own reflection in a mirror the subject of a story.
Your eyes meet the snake's beady gaze through a tiny mirror above your head.
Read it to your partner, or in a closet, or to a mirror with a timer running.
For those that don't get it, try to catch yourself quickly looking into the mirror.
Check yourself periodically in the mirror for make-up, hair, and clothing snafus.
If the mirror were cast across the entire educational landscape, this would not fly.
It's really a mirror, put there to give the space a bit more light and depth.
In some instances the mirror helps even more than the video.
The sensors send a radio signal to a computer that shows the information either on a dashboard, mirror or console display.
In a panic, she drops the mirror, but by doing so inadvertently splits the nearby area into two.
In the mirror treatment, a patient with an amputated hand places his normal and phantom hands on each side of the mirror.
The new generation of human computers carry out different tasks, but they mirror their predecessors in many other ways.
The car company might prefer to produce its rear-view mirrors in-house, for example, perhaps by buying the mirror company.
From the mirror field, the blistering liquid pours into giant radiators that extract the heat and boil water into steam.
To keep from being caught, practice winking at yourself in a mirror.
The tide settled itself after coming in, creating a mirror-smooth surface on the bay.
The light will bounce to the second mirror, the third, the fourth and back through this cycle forever.
The first press of the shutter will flip the mirror up.
But because these new cameras don't have mirror boxes, their native lenses sit much closer to the sensor.
It seems to us that someone has already said that the drama is a mirror wherein nature is reflected.
She took off the wraps with which she had covered her shoulders, before the mirror, so as to see herself once more in her glory.
Mirror neurons thus provide a mechanism for synchronizing behavior within a group.
Humans that argue otherwise aren't aware of how ridiculous they appear, even when they do look in a mirror.
Each mirror points in one of two directions at random: either toward a single light-sensitive pixel or away from it.
It also has a three-mirror system to bring images into sharp focus over a wide field.
Our judgments are imperfect, but they tend to mirror those of the scientific community.
There's also the question of why anyone would need something disguised as a mirror.
Try to find one that will let you lock up the internal mirror so that it won't jar the camera when you trip the shutter.
Now she examined herself in the small round mirror she'd pulled from her purse, grimacing.
Always looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his goddam tie.
Brown said, admiring the results in a handheld mirror.
In the process, he serves as a mirror of the family members' humanity or inhumanity.
She would have preferred to look into an empty mirror, even given the sinister implications.
The magic mirror was indeed heavy painted cardboard with sparkles.
These are fun because everything is seen through a shattered mirror and float-y shadows and ghost shapes.
If dark matter exists it may take the form of mirror planets, mirror stars and mirror galaxies.
The mirror was rough ground about a diopter out of spec.
As for the moving mirror, this is well known technology, used in many digital projectors.
However, this latest genetics work may have value beyond the bathroom mirror.
Fink's fibers channel a high-powered laser through a hollow core lined with a high-quality mirror.
The inch measurements refer to the diameter of each telescope's main mirror.
The mirror keeps the light in the solar cell still longer, further increasing the number of freed electrons.
Light that fits cannot escape the tapered mirror crevices of the two sharp sides, with lossy reflection at each bounce.
Physical theory is elegantly, fundamentally derived from mirror symmetries.
The five tiles are identical in size and shape but may be turned over so that some are mirror images of the others.
There must be a full length mirror in every cubicle, these people are so lousy with pride.
Next thing she knew, there was a redheaded, full-fledged movie star in the mirror.
If you look in the mirror and see it, you've made a mistake.
For all their money, footballers are expected to mirror the dream lives of the fans.
Yeah, he made the decision that he wanted the family to mirror his exact family.
Creating shells out of nothing but mathematical equations, a computer scientist holds a mirror up to nature.
The surface area of the mirror is not important to sharpness and detail.
The handles of two surgical instruments extend from beneath the mirror.
For a simple example of how your brain plays tricks with time, look in the mirror at your left eye.
The finished daguerreotype is a jeweled, one-of-a-kind object, no bigger than a hand mirror and shimmering with an eerie light.
At bedtime, you stare haplessly into the bathroom mirror, wondering whether you've already brushed your teeth.
Obviously, mirror neurons aren't sufficient for imitation, but they must have played an important role.

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