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Example sentences for mirage

Certainly, the vision might turn out to be a mirage.
Like all too many shining visions, fusion turned out to be a mirage.
Our memory of those events is a mirage we call the past.
The first exoplanet discovered in the habitable zone could be a mirage, according to reports from an exoplanet meeting yesterday.
It dances like a mirage in my vision.
Now and then a cloud moved through this wreath of lights, bringing an element of surrealistic surprise to the mirage.
Piercing the mirage are dozens of sails—a vast array of color streaking over a dusty ocean.
The promised land flies before us like the mirage.
And if you're heading straight for the mirage and there are cattle on the other side, you're in trouble.
Immortality is what they want, and they can see it out there, flickering in a salt-flat mirage.
Fitful and faint, like the shifting mirage of the desert.
Not far away shimmered the mirage of home promised by bright, familiar logos.
There is present only the mirage of learning, not the substantial reality.
The same effect at the quantum scale is described as so called the quantum mirage.
Yet this impression of water wealth may be as deceptive as a desert mirage.
To the north, amid icebergs riding the ocean currents, was the red mirage ship-except this was no illusion.
Jens peers out the window at a distant city of stranded icebergs, blunt-cut by a mirage-one of the first signs of spring.
Oil field traffic hurried out on a web of roads, seeming to skim along on a silver-rimmed mirage.
Soon my father appeared as elusive as a distant mirage.
Some academics would go further, calling the appearance of many food deserts nothing but a mirage-and not the real problem.
Nature itself proves to be the last mirage: it kills him when he eats a herb that blocks his absorption of nutrients.
Three major technological developments hover on the horizon as a mirage of a future space bonanza.
Wreathed in ice fog, the ice shelf takes on the haziness of a mirage.

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