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It's more miraculous and wonderful than they can imagine.
They promise to recover the miraculous remains of forgotten martyrs.
But it would be miraculous if a poor country, under intense social pressure, managed a similar feat.
From micro shrimp to mammoth hippos, the planet's wetlands host miraculous diversity.
Also: books on monks and monkeys and miraculous anticipation.
To plant spring-flowering bulbs is to witness a miraculous transformation.
But what they can't decide on is why all these seemingly miraculous effects happen in the first place.
The miraculous recovery showcased the best cycling has to offer: speed, guts, endurance.
It will be miraculous if there are no technical hitches.
Since then, others have proposed a variety of miraculous new methods of energy generation, but none seem to have panned out.
To understand this miraculous recovery, the researchers restricted both corals access to ambient food.
It's practically miraculous how pressing can quickly transform nasty fruit into delicious oil.
Boozer's full recovery back then was considered nothing short of miraculous.
In such an atmosphere, it is near miraculous that music for the concert stage survived at all.
Given this background the successful election, in a huge country with little working infrastructure, was nigh miraculous.
The effects of this protein were miraculous indeed: for more than an hour, sour tasted sweet.
When the palms come into view, they are both underwhelming and miraculous.
But these modern methods are less miraculous than they might seem.
The worry is that unemployment might well keep on going up even if the economy did find some miraculous second wind.
But the project's failure to bring about miraculous changes in health care burst biotech's stock market bubble.
It was a transformation that seemed to me at that moment nothing short of miraculous.
There is no question that modern medical practices are remarkable, often effective and occasionally miraculous.
Culture has a miraculous way of reflecting the political realities of its time.
As before-and-after moments go, this one is potent, verging on the miraculous.
Those moments of silence and tranquility are nearly miraculous.
Initially, scientists found the big bang's miraculous implications off-putting.
In addition, what aggregated miraculous existence, would there co-exist.
It all started with a hot email pitch for a miraculous product.
Our future with power generation will be challenging and barring miraculous breakthroughs will utilize more nuclear.
But the point, the miraculous point, is that he has no smell at all.
The normal outcome is the province of science, which does not overlap with the miraculous, which it might call an outlier.
Walking on water may seem miraculous, but for tiny aquatic snails, it's an everyday activity.
Doubt seemed to collect around the portrait's sudden, almost miraculous appearance.
He gropes gently back and forth and-so quickly it seems miraculous-extracts a long bone the color of mahogany: a human femur.
How miraculous it would be, to create a device that would help the disabled speak with their inner voice.
And then something remarkable, close to miraculous, happened.
Yet a mix might not have struck many homemakers as the miraculous solution promised in the ads.
And the fact that it was unanimous was little short of miraculous.
He must perceive that everything is miraculous and divine.
The minister appeared to see him, with the same glance that discerned the miraculous letter.
Strikingly exceptional as was his poetic career, it was not inexplicably miraculous.
Or maybe something truly miraculous will happen, and she will get some company.
In the commodity world, arbitrage can be a miraculous transaction, yielding an infinite rate of return.
There was no miraculous parting of this sea of cars.
Granting the origin to be supernatural, or miraculous even, will not arrest the inquiry.
It was almost miraculous, she says now, how quickly her father recovered.
His post-Graduate career has been nothing short of miraculous.
Here's a miraculous journey that continues to leave scientists scratching their heads.
Not after his latest miraculous return from the great beyond.
Happily, fashion designers took note of down's dowdy situation and performed a miraculous makeover.
Stunningly miraculous work, either way you look at it.
Successful treatment ranges from good to miraculous.
These cleverly crafted little beasts have miraculous mathematical properties.
Okay, maybe there is a miraculous new way of using loopholes in that theorem to do fun things.
These clear miraculous scientific events took place not only in the origins of humans, but in the advancement of our species.
It may be true that there is a scientific explanation for what to the believer is a miraculous healing.
Along with a total remodeling of the planetarium it is a miraculous difference.
The miraculous part of this whole thing is that he rode down it without a hitch.
The website said an herbal remedy could cure cancer and offered miraculous firsthand accounts.
What eventually grew out of this endeavor is a miraculous low-cost technology that is swiftly and dramatically changing the world.
As miraculous as the many uses for corn may be, the way corn develops and grows is equally fascinating.
The past three decades have seen an almost miraculous reduction in life-threatening infections and communicable diseases.
It is miraculous that there were no serious injuries from this explosion and fire.

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