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The molecular geneticist gets dozens every week, all begging for the same thing-a miracle.
It is a thing unto itself: an imposing miniature and a miracle of proportion.
Friends and family encouraged us to write a book about this miracle.
For a person to become a saint, evidence of a miracle is required.
Whilst the belief in peoples miracle turn-arounds is something that tv-land does foster, it's not reality.
Things were looking so good, and it looked like it was going to be a miracle.
If the statue's feet also rise, it is seen as harbinger of a miracle.
People just sit in the back waiting for some miracle to happen.
As usual, she accepted the miracle of driving a car safely through traffic as a commonplace, beneath mention.
But just because this miracle recurs twice daily— and she can perform it, too— it is no less a miracle.
Our family traveled to holy miracle sites.
At this point only a miracle would change the decision from reject to accept.
We should know who the underdog is and how swiftly that character will get obliterated in the absence of a miracle.
Enabled by the miracle of abundance, digital economics has turned traditional economics upside down.
They also seemed happy to swap over now and again which was a miracle.
The unglamorous miracle of their survival might indeed make a brilliant object of study.
However, there was a suspicious vagueness as to exactly how and when this miracle of consistency would emerge.
Citation software in the right hands is a small miracle.
All of this scouring for medical miracles when the real miracle, for believer and nonbeliever, is existence and life itself.
One pound down this week, a miracle, considering my lapses.
Sir, your eyes and mine are never destined to see that miracle.
They cross-examined the saints for their attestation of miracle and prophecy, but omitted to discover the secret of their life.
Researchers discover a miracle drug that stops the downward spiral before it gets started.
And nowhere else can you get a better lesson in the totality of darkness and the miracle of light.
The discovery of leptin and a number of other promising hormones has not yet produced a miracle drug.
By the following afternoon, though, a small miracle had occurred.
Be sure that you are getting what you are paying for if you decide to use this so called miracle molecule.
The hundreds who, by some miracle, did survive were duly taken prisoner.
Genetically modified crops are proving to be an unmitigated environmental miracle.
Since then, however, downward revisions have put the miracle in doubt.
The miracle drugs themselves are destroying the miracle.
Humanity doesn't need to wait for some miracle technology.
Research continues, but holding out for a miracle weight-loss drug is probably not the answer.
If such a process led to anything worthwhile, it would be a miracle.
By the next afternoon, though, the usual miracle had occurred.
It is not a miracle drug, however the overall effects while on the therapy have our patients flying in from various global points.
My question was what would you do if you could actually observe one such miracle in a lab.
But it has already transformed what used to be known as the miracle of birth.
Engineers knew that actually getting a spacecraft onto one of those teetering orbits would require a near miracle.
But clearly many voters-even, oddly enough, some of those who didn't vote for him-expected a miracle worker.
He is dreadfully upset and slips into church to pray for a miracle and forgiveness.
It then occurs to the doctor that something extraordinary was going on, a kind of medical miracle.
To find edible mushrooms in the woods can seem a sort of miracle and in some areas the experience grows rarer every year.
Every technological advance starts as a miracle, becomes a necessity, and ends up as a vice.
Mentions a supposed miracle which took place in a bathroom in the barrio.
She performed both, and wrought a kind of trans-historical miracle.
Along with the miracle of life comes the miracle of an expanding uterus.
So, if no miracle is possible, every billionth of billionth of instant must depend from the previous fraction of instant.
Miracle cures have been touted for centuries for all types of diseases.
And this time nothing would be to research looking for a miracle such as nuclear fusion.
But it remains to be seen whether transgenic animals will provide miracle drugs, better food or even less polluting pigs.
One experiment involved the new miracle drug, penicillin.
Somehow he has retained his sense of humor, which counts as some kind of miracle.
It's a miracle that your mom didn't name you after one of her father's characters.
There's even a miracle tale, all the better for being true.
And so a miracle had happened: an adult had appeared in a world of children, a senior in a nation of sophomores.
How he got that part, how he rose to it, it's a miracle.
The miracle of organ donation touched his life twice.

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