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To call this minutiae seems an understatement.
There is no international consensus on the minutiae of diplomatic privilege.
In broad daylight, academics often try to ignore emotions and focus on minutiae.
Demographers pore over the minutiae of vital and social statistics to study human populations.
Also, comments are often about minutiae instead of being substantive.
His spirit arose above constitutional minutiae to the real greatness of the occasion, to the incomparable offerings of fate.
They were big-picture types--not middle-management bureaucrats lost in the minutiae.
Do your job, and do not get distracted by minutiae.
This when the minutiae and the profound of our lives gets discussed.
The texts are densely documented and footnoted, an approach that could have led to a dissection of minutiae.
Search committees don't mind updates, but they don't want to be deluged with minutiae.
Readers will not necessarily share his fascination with the minutiae of development diplomacy.
For those kind of eye-popping figures, you have to delve into the minutiae of the data.
And it would be accessible, even to readers who have not spent years studying the minutiae of the financial markets.
Professors are identifying with their arcane disciplines, the minutiae, the esoteric research.
They weren't stage parents, but they've since become way too into the minutiae of his fame, he says.
Honestly, the minutiae must have driven the designers crazy.
But this kind of minutiae will determine whether the settlement succeeds.
Their churning brains, frantically running through the minutiae of the day, could be my own at any crazed moment.
It's minutiae in some ways, particularly because the phrase comes in the throat-clearing preamble.
Fingerprint image with four different minutiae points marked.
First try to match the type and then try to match the details or minutiae.
The two main categories of fingerprint matching techniques are minutiae-based matching and pattern matching.

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